Many aspects of ascension requires us to go deeper, just when we ‘think’ we have reached a ‘better’ space.. there is more, challenging our current awareness, perception or belief.. the truth is we are ascending in every moment.

When it gets tiring or ‘too out there’ for our current conscious awareness we can want to recluse, go for a quiet life, focus on where we are with who we hold this space, rather than keep welcoming change!

We are collectively purging and have been for some time (well before 2020), its essential not to just place our ascension in this ‘year’.. the whole picture needs space to observe and it is then we can instill and sit with the beautiful vision of what and why we are continually ‘doing’ the inner work.. its hard, yet it is liberating.. aligning to compassion and unconditional love.

Seeking freedom at soul level is what inspires and sparks our light, whether we know it or not.

At this moment we can seek the nurturing quiet space, and try to maintain and hold what we have.. but to surrender and hear the crashing noise enough to awaken another layer is brave, courageous and very much needed to participate in the collective of raising vibration.

We all have and always will have ‘another’ layer to unravel from within and each layer we do, reveals a sense of purity.. we are in that regard ‘one big onion’ – one with many layers that are peeling away!

Ascension is not about attaining anything but undoing everything.

As I continue forward now holding space for those taking the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme – I am as always in awe of the depths we can all go to and just how much we can and do shine when layers are removed. The changes and creation we are each capable of is incredible, we just have to surrender to ourselves and as in New Vibration do the journey together, not alone (old vibration).

Of course solitude is part of this process, but to raise vibration together, in a trusted safe space is an incredible life changing thing to do and more importantly because we CHOOSE to do it..

We become inspiring to others, through being and ADMITTING vulnerability and empowered because of this strength we muster up from somewhere to continue and step out of survival mode into thriving.. SHINING our UNIQUE light.

In love and unity,
Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation