Emerge & Fly..

Emerge & fly!xx

The caterpillar during the ascension process (catalyst) cannot see through the darkness at times but within is undoing everything it was to become what they are.. and its beautiful, colourful and light.. shining bright and can FLY having found freedom.

The Butterfly is not afraid to use their new wings and explore new territory, everything is new because its higher up than they were able to previous reach as a caterpillar!

As we delve deeper into this creation of a new way of living aligned to compassion and unity, explore all that rises within us, letting go of the external noise and drama that we witness around us – removing nonsense and anything not aligned to our boundries, dont dwell, we have seen, witnessed and observed so much to get to this point – releasing all that is not aligned to our frequency is of benifit for everyone.  Do so quickly.. release with genuine love, there are many aspects to this journey.

Then delve deeper within and shine bright, unapologetically!  Shift into BEING..

We all have our own way of navigating life and how we choose to show up and integrate with others, in every moment we have soul choices in EVERY moment to align to NEW VIBRATION.. this is not a place but who we have BECOME.

Tracee Cullen
Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation

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