Current energy..

The past 4 days have brought intense collective energy and many empaths have been releasing this energy through the impact felt. (Today should feel clearer). If you have had sleepless nights especially the 6th for those most conscious and also the 7th, as well as possible out of character angry or raging outbursts or extreme … Continue reading Current energy..

Shift awareness in an instant..

You may well start to feel if you havent already that 'guided meditation' and 'mindfulness' are not deep enough for you and that you still have a busy mind.. they are great for relaxation and becoming present.. BUT.. not our natural state. This is when you know you are ready to relax into BEING.. aware … Continue reading Shift awareness in an instant..

Emerge & Fly..

Emerge & fly!xx The caterpillar during the ascension process (catalyst) cannot see through the darkness at times but within is undoing everything it was to become what they are.. and its beautiful, colourful and light.. shining bright and can FLY having found freedom. The Butterfly is not afraid to use their new wings and explore … Continue reading Emerge & Fly..

You cannot save someone from themselves..

When you choose to embark on YOUR journey of self healing… you will be guided and supported… the universe helps give you the strength to face your fears and let go.. As a mentor and channel of healing energy for many years.. the hardest lesson to learn is that you cannot… 'save someone from themselves'… … Continue reading You cannot save someone from themselves..