Current energy..

The past 4 days have brought intense collective energy and many empaths have been releasing this energy through the impact felt. (Today should feel clearer).

If you have had sleepless nights especially the 6th for those most conscious and also the 7th, as well as possible out of character angry or raging outbursts or extreme sense of overwhelm, then you are aware of feeling into the current alignments, movement of energy, collective shift as the western world is ‘turned upside down’.. the old systems that no longer serve us are crumbling quickly and it is ‘painful’ for those in fear or not conscious of the amazing compassionate aligned to unconditional love world that we are creating instead!

Its tough for everyone at the moment, even with the high vibration awareness and even if living like many of us, an aligned life that we have chosen and adjusted sometime ago.. with freedom of linear time and detachment from 3D drama, we still through compassion and consciousness are having to participate to assit in raising vibration, and deal with frustration as we await the challenges to get darker (in 3D polarity vibration) to awaken more through actual impact of their own lives.

So being gentle with oursleves is a start, pouring as much positive energy into ourselves and aligning to our place in the world. Adjusting if not already done so our lives in how we show up and participate in the collective energy.

Remeber, everything that is not aligned in TRUTH will fall.. currently its all being shown.

Our ‘job’ as spiritual beings living a human exisitance is to align and create the NEW way of living, not focus on the old paradigm and falling systems that no longer serve us.

Don’t waste energy on the turmoil as the ‘sludge and drama’ is swirled up for all to see, be aware, observe and feel it for ascension but do not stay there!

It is essential that we maintain our vibration, mental health and do all we can to remain in a conscious place, as we need our energy to create this vibrance and rise above all the rumble from all that is falling now.

The 1% are attempting to bring confusion, numbing the mind and creating fear so that people are like ‘a rabbit trapped in headlights’ and conform on levels that they don’t agree with, just through trying to find a solution to what has been created. This is NOT about a virus but the path of ascension, there are, have been and will be many more major aspects to navigate in the process of collectively awakening to how we choose to live in the Aquarian Age..

This is a time also for technology and it is up to us to ensure it is used for the highest greatest good, to support the postive evolving that is inevitable, not the dominance of a few.

Namaste everyone,
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Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation