There is much ‘divide’ out there at the moment as expected and this is not a surprise, as for century’s divide and rule is a very known tatic and the Western world is brilliant at it!

You only have to look at the British rule of India to see this clearly, yet we don’t see it so clearly always under our nose!  Mainly because we are so ‘busy’ mentally processing continual new information that is also designed to ‘confuse’, in this mental state we are full of what the yogic term describes as ‘chitta’ – a busy mind.

To bring any clarity and to step away from the noise we need to be able to quieten the Chitta, which is done through meditation.

This past few years more people that have previously tried mindfulness or guided meditation are now ready to try authentic techniques of MEDITATION that allow the mind to quieten, to become conscious of breath and to allow that ‘SPACE’ just a few seconds that creates the ability to ‘check in with yourself’ and then you can TRUST yourself more and have an opportunity to ‘think for yourself’ based on what your ‘gut’ and ‘heart’ says.

Every single person is now having to make the choice of a vaccine.. and this needs to be done whilst not in ‘Chitta’, not full of the noise, fear based ‘guidance’ or assumption that is it like any previous vaccine.. it is not! 

I am at soul level passionate about freedom for us all and for too long we are told not to discuss ‘politics, religion or our pay’ which is just conditioning to isolate.. and things such as the vaccine need to be discussed in a safe and amicable way, able to nurture each other on understanding information, not batter each other.  Understand that we all have our own choice to make and that it is okay even if we disagree.. (both are stemed from fear for the other)!

There are reasons why it has never been possible to create this vaccine before and what is in it is very different.  I am not here to create debate but to share information that I feel everyone should consider in their decision.  After all there is nothing any of us can do as it is a soul choice we must all make.  However we must TRUST those whom are sharing information in this way, not just shut down, because history proves that ‘establishments’ are not always and often not doing so for our highest good.

My intuition immediately (back in January 2020) and knowing immediately knew this and beyond that a few direct channelled messages confirm, which I then didn’t need but I have still done my own extensive research..

Dolores Cahill is someone who has worked specifically in this field for many years and has had the courage to stand up and deliver this information which should be a part of everyone’s consideration.

If people are not open to the possibility that this is way beyond ‘what it looks like’ then at least research and BE sure that your okay with what is in the vaccine because it is very different to anything before and also why it is unlicensed and free of any liability.

I have been teaching about ‘this time of awakening’ and our collective ascension full time since 2013 and EVERYTHING has unravelled exactly as I have shared..  the ‘vehicles’ for what is happening are many and the ‘virus’ is one..

There is much unravelling now of the old systems and the main thing to realise is that there are layers of information ‘fed’ throughout so that everyone in a role (including those who hold roles in government) ‘acts and believes’ they are doing the right thing, or else you wouldnt get everyone to conform.. the DATA is what it is all steming from and what causes reaction, action and fear.. if the data is wrong (as we absolutely know it to be), or presented in way that isn’t clear, i.e. total deaths are actually every person that has died for ANY reason, then fear rises.

Yes people are getting ill, as would be expected and as always we need the best healthy support for our immunity (that is not given by mainstream), in fact some great alternative options have been removed or banned that are known to help.  I am proof of this having had a natural method banned in the UK that has been an absolute ‘godsend’ for Lyme, it is only my persistence and research on my part that has enabled me to ship it in, to get me well again.

Here is a link to those whom have a busy mind and would like to learn meditation to help yourself and your friends and family to learn techniques to quieten the Chitta Meditation Foundation – Mind, Mantra, Pranayama – 2 Day ONLINE Course

I also have FREE sessions all this week – join here: High Dimension Meditation – For Everyone

And if you want to explore some information and extensive wisdom from Delores who is an immunologist amongst others things then this is a recent video

I respect everyone’s choice as I am fully aware on a spiritual level that this is why we are here, and all of our choices and seperation will soon lead us back to UNITY, even if we cannot all yet see this.  There will in the process sadly be higher levels of sacrifice and loss of life,  this to is the process and many souls choosing to ‘go home’ as it feels to hard.

If we could manage this all with kindness then the environment and choices would make it easier and supportive to navigate, but of course we don’t evolve until we feel challenged and so it goes on..

Tracee Cullen.
Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation