Shift in Vibration..

There is a massive shift in vibration.. everything is being shown… without duality..

True colours of the souls that you connect with… this is amazing for those that come forward to offer you love, support, friendship, a soul connection in some way, words of wisdom… Yes these are the ones to focus on.. be drawn to resonate with.. but also honouring each others uniqueness..

Also paths that you will have wanted to follow for some time will be opening in front of you.. so dig deep and find the courage to follow the path.. (normally making you feel a little bit out of your comfort zone).. good.. this is where growth is..

The speed in which manifestation is working is phenomenal… of course this is when you are going with the flow.. shining with light and getting out of your ‘thoughts’..

Have a lovely day everyone..
Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation