How to go within?

Go within.. so many people write & talk about this… but how do we do it…? So spending time connecting & being with 'YOU'… sit in meditation /calm mind, allow thoughts in and then release them (battling with them is not the answer)..focus on either your breathe or a simple mantra/affirmation that resonates with you … Continue reading How to go within?

It is ‘time’.. we are ready!

It is 'time' as we ride the energies given this past few days, into the potentency of alignment, which creates space for an 'avalanche' of consciousness into the 14th and 21st December 2020. Illusions are lifting rapidly now, and whilst for some it can seem 'heavy' to live through, it is getting lighter everyday. It … Continue reading It is ‘time’.. we are ready!


Many aspects of ascension requires us to go deeper, just when we 'think' we have reached a 'better' space.. there is more, challenging our current awareness, perception or belief.. the truth is we are ascending in every moment. When it gets tiring or 'too out there' for our current conscious awareness we can want to … Continue reading WHEN WE CHOOSE TO..

Healer’s Journey..

So many of you will resonate with this.. saw it some time ago and feeling the energy now this is heightened at halloween and the start of the closing of the year! Although YOU the healer.. those actually 'out there' have had a difficult journey it is that which keeps your soul ignited to help … Continue reading Healer’s Journey..