How to go within?

Go within.. so many people write & talk about this… but how do we do it…?

So spending time connecting & being with ‘YOU’…

  • sit in meditation /calm mind, allow thoughts in and then release them (battling with them is not the answer)..
  • focus on either your breathe or a simple mantra/affirmation that resonates with you as this focus will remove everything else..
  • then when you are more relaxed.. feel what is in your heart.. (going within is nothing to do with your head/thoughts)..
  • placing your left palm up and your right hand over your heart will also help.
  • don’t pressurise yourself to sit for an hour.. sit for how long feels right and do a little more each day when you can.
  • you may find calming music & candles helpful but it is not essential.. this can be done anywhere and at anytime!

Go within.. all your answers are in your heart.. you just need to quieten your head enough to hear your heart!

Namaste, Tracee Cullen.x