It is ‘time’.. we are ready!

It is ‘time’ as we ride the energies given this past few days, into the potentency of alignment, which creates space for an ‘avalanche’ of consciousness into the 14th and 21st December 2020.

Illusions are lifting rapidly now, and whilst for some it can seem ‘heavy’ to live through, it is getting lighter everyday. It is not as hard as what we have endured and had to voice this past decade to get to this point.

We are stepping into creation, what actual world we want to live in. When we have so many aligned souls all working together in unity to do the best for each other, the planet, food chain, children, how and what we deem as education, well-being and how we take action by actively participating in choosing what we do want and withdrawing our ‘support and not conforming’ to what we do not resonate with, or aware it is not for the highest greatest good, we know then that ‘together’ by saying NO we are greater.

It is at this point we can collective bring so much goodness to our lives and nurture Gaia and she does us.

Unity is strong – no one anywhere in the world has been unaffected in some way by the shifts we are experiencing in the 3D physical world. It is when the illusions lift rapidly as they are now that this energy can be transformed into ‘fuel’, fire energy, passion to do GOOD.

As I always say, how long this goes on before ‘turning completely’ into this positive aligned energy is just based on how long souls choose to ignore or not to participate. To allow themselves to awaken and step through the fear into freewill.

Freewill.. Freedom.. what we are seeking and have been collectively for many years, unravelling everything to align, can be very ‘scary’ for many, even when knowing consciously what is occuring, because conditioning and ‘being told’ what to do has been so conditioned, that to ‘think outside of this’ can be overwhelming.

Everyone now has to make soul choices, even those with the greatest ‘spiritual awareness’ knowing that all is well and what we are creating is such a positive, compassionate world, but first the unity has to be achieved and the physical will keep calling us to participate.. Somethings that are obvious will require this voice, refusal and step up to ‘help’ recreate our new way of living.

We may have achieved this level of ‘bliss’ awareness ourselves, but this is for us ALL and those that ‘see’ must continue to lead the way through light.. shine our souls as the light.. the guiding torch.. this enables others to see the path through example of BEING and make the journey easier to travel the path that has already been cleared.

It is written.?

Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation