Help each other.. GROW!

New vibration is to resonate with compassion, authenticity and KNOW that we are far better together than on our own.. to shine collectively is what creates change.

This of course can only be when aligned to this frequency, UNITY at this level of awareness, is without feeling into ego or judgement. It simply won’t exist and there is no agenda.

There is a way to go before this understanding truly comes together, as there is still the purging of conditioning and resistance to do this, and much of the ‘spiritual world’ is learning this fast!

Its been so illuminated these past few years for me, maybe even the last decade I would say, and observing it play out now with even more intensity and seeing both the rising of genuine souls shine bright, and those whom really start with and have good intentions yet because they have more inner work to do on themselves related to what they are offering, it creates resistance, comparrison, judgement of ‘others’ (there are no others!?) and conditioning comes through reflecting ego.. its apparent when the actions don’t match the words spoken..

Often this is stemed from a genuine reason.. wanting to do good, hold space and change the world! But it takes great strength and innerwork to ‘become what you teach’.. its a lifestyle, a way of BEING and it is conscious.

This is ALL of our roles in this lifetime to assist in raising vibration and we can best do this by the continued inner work to be able to then authentically ‘help each other grow’. Its deeper than ‘words’ its action.. its about not having 2 different characters, lives.. its about BEING.

If you are now starting to observe this much more also, then the best thing is to create boundries and learn to action them. Its something that didn’t come easy for me but now I do so when guided from within and it has never been wrong yet.

Sometimes distance can also assist each other to grow.

Its also about courage and letting go of the solitude when the ‘time’ is right.. this can feel a struggle when so much of the journey has been navigated this way.. but now or very soon depending on each of our energy is when we rise to this next level of unity.. and well as full awareness of oneness occurs and the knowing that whilst we know and have felt this (often for sometime) the actively participating in ascension is when we can step closer together as the collective vibration we are.

We are seeing a huge rise also in genuine compassion and unconditional love and support, but this means to be achieved is to not try to join in unity with old vibration but to do so with no agenda for the purpose to assist the collective.. without personal gain.

Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation