Step up into UNITY.. without illusion.

As we 'step up into UNITY we can do so more confidently now, as we leave behind the past few years of 'unity illusion' I call it! Where despite best intentions, many collaborations were out of materialism or it has been to create from the will of ego, to still bring in or be in … Continue reading Step up into UNITY.. without illusion.

Seek the magic..

There is much to be thankful for.. its just that we have to 'actively participate' to align and seek the everyday magic.. When we raise our vibration with whatever soothes our soul, shifts our reality, sets our positive intention or brings focus to the 'now'.. to this present moment.. then our awareness alters.. we choose … Continue reading Seek the magic..

Healer’s Journey..

So many of you will resonate with this.. saw it some time ago and feeling the energy now this is heightened at halloween and the start of the closing of the year! Although YOU the healer.. those actually 'out there' have had a difficult journey it is that which keeps your soul ignited to help … Continue reading Healer’s Journey..

What is Halloween.. in the New Vibration?

Halloween.. in the New Vibration. As we move rapidly into New Vibration.. we have to question everything.. as we let go of 'tradition' born from conditioning, polarity, fear and ritual it is days like this that we 'look' into what is Halloween? Well it has and is considered by many the closest or thinest of … Continue reading What is Halloween.. in the New Vibration?