Seek the magic..

There is much to be thankful for.. its just that we have to 'actively participate' to align and seek the everyday magic.. When we raise our vibration with whatever soothes our soul, shifts our reality, sets our positive intention or brings focus to the 'now'.. to this present moment.. then our awareness alters.. we choose … Continue reading Seek the magic..

Shift inward.. your wellbeing needs it!

Through many years of inner work, survival, and pushing through, awakening from a conditioned society our souls need rest, nurturing and to be able to align to natural bio rythems. These are functions of the serotonin/pituitary gland which are supported and become expansive through meditation. This is known by both science and intuition! When in … Continue reading Shift inward.. your wellbeing needs it!

Our attention is needed..

The tide is turning.. We are seeing a purging of what is unhealed within us rising and also collectively. Everything that needs our attention, focus and voice is being shown. We are being tested, often to the limit.. to be kind to ourselves, detach and know that everything is being shown. Our awareness and ability … Continue reading Our attention is needed..