Our attention is needed..

The tide is turning..
We are seeing a purging of what is unhealed within us rising and also collectively.

Everything that needs our attention, focus and voice is being shown.

We are being tested, often to the limit.. to be kind to ourselves, detach and know that everything is being shown.

Our awareness and ability to keep calm in the eye of the storm, whilst everything we know to BE, is unravelling including ourselves.

We are finding quickly that the layers of conditioning are losing power over us and the collective, that we can see more clearly than ever.. we are learning what to do with this insight.

We are RISING, making different choices.. and seeing others get really uncomfortable whilst they must speak their truth, lash out and heal.. they are doing the journey we have done.. yet we are observing and also healing a deeper layer within ourselves.

We are seeking solitude more than we did before, which was already often.. now wanting and needing to have space to process and observe without making external judgements, to be able to seek the calm within to respond instead of react.

We are being pushed within the purge to see and voice positivity for we see the bigger picture .. WE KNOW what is occuring and it is authenticity rising, truth prevailing..

A choice we made as a collective to choose to live in a New Vibration.. to do this we are shifting, rapidly which brings much to navigate and glimpses of real PEACE, the notion towards a HIGH DIMENSION. A way of changed reality as we know it.

We have been seeking and called it in.. we are within it, the turn of the tide and we must stay positive and be aware of the changes and challenges that we give and receive to grow, to make this possible.. removing the perception of taking everything personally or being ‘in it’, the drama, and see it as our insight we have chosen.. to bring us to BE light to shine.. to live a TOTALLY different way of ‘life’..

To return back to our knowing that we are spiritual beings and at soul level we need a more peaceful space to florish, we NEED peace, LOVE.. unconditional and kindness and it starts with COMPASSION.

Rise with awareness.
Tracee Cullen High Dimension Teacher