Save yourself with.. Boundaries

We are not only in potent energy with mysterious Scorpio but also entering 3 weeks of Mercury retrograde as well as mentally, physically, emotionaly and spiritually preparing for the most profiund shift we have yet to encounter. 2020.

The whole year (this and many lifetimes also) has been preparing us for a transisition in how we live in our ‘current reality’, our perceptions of what right and wrong are, what we tolerate and polarity have led this change and the lifting of illusions or our willingness to ‘see’ them.

Its been a struggle for everyone, stifling at times as we shed layers of conditioning and then still see endless layers around us that the collective is shifting that we are also a part of whether we recognise it or not.

The essential saviour is boundries.. something that has and continues to be a learning curve for us all.

It also seems the opposite to what we are wanting and seeking within our souls.. to return to PEACE.. a place of unity and common ground that we all resonate to be equal and assist the process to achieve this.

To have a better understanding of each others ‘plan’ to achieve this though requires a seperation for healing, a connection for challenging us, interactions that push our boundries, actions that make us unsteady, often feeling insecure and ultimately broken.. until there is no ‘plan’, no agenda to save ourselves or the world.. but to simply JUST BE..

This is the beauty of rising.. feeling whole again.

Boundries whilst we are all battering each other to awaken (although we cannot see this gift) is essential.. it will save us.. accelerate the process even.

We cannot truly be united as one with all this ‘sludge’ we carry, the 3 Dimensional atributes that we have, the tendancies to seek or choose materialism as our goal to survival and with or without awareness destroy each other in the process mainly through lack of awareness and knowing that we as individuals are strong and unique enough to make the change.. to manifest a better world.

We have risen enough to see, feel and know the tide is turning.. it is now we must keep boundries, saturate our souls with nourishment at the deepest layer with healing and going within.. so that we can find the inner strength to continue this final push which is the most amazing manifestation yet to come into reality.

The boundries save us simply because we are saying to others as we must say to oursleves.. STOP!.. Stop looking externally at me, you or others.. YOU must go within.. ‘it’ is there.. everything we need is there.

..and if we are awake enough and the boundries are there WE WILL.. GO WITHIN..

Because there is NO WHERE else.

How to do this has been a question I have been asked for many years through my teaching.. the answer is we ALL use tools to do it.

Meditation is the vehicle to the process.. through ALL my spiritual and personal (if it can be seperate) development it has been the process of ascension.. NOT mindfulness this is still in a way ‘busyiness’.. but a start in the right direction though!

I will for those that resonate and feel ready hold space whilst you learn the tools yourself whether in person or online.. but not to be the one to do it for you.

Every single one of us can and will do this.. its just a matter of ‘time’.. an another illusion!

Be brave.. step out of toxic relationships that drain your energy, walk away. It’s time to have boundries you must put them in place, and no more accepting less than you deserve.

Namaste – ‘My soul honours your soul’

Tracee Cullen