Shift inward.. your wellbeing needs it!

Through many years of inner work, survival, and pushing through, awakening from a conditioned society our souls need rest, nurturing and to be able to align to natural bio rythems.

These are functions of the serotonin/pituitary gland which are supported and become expansive through meditation.

This is known by both science and intuition!

When in life we find there is no where else to go.. when we have been searching extensively externally to make a difference, create change but overwhelm takes over.. REST for the moment.. and ‘GO WITHIN’.

Meditation is key to not just our survival but our wellbeing, participation in life and how we show up in the collective.

Whatever your level of awareness join me for meditation:

+ FREE group – High Dimension Meditation – For Everyone
+ Foundation Course for beginners and those wanting to deepen their practice.
+ Meditation Teacher Training to take a deep journey within and to hold space for others.

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