Rise & Shine.. :-)

ALL IS WELL.. as we continue to see the 'old paradigm' show itself through illusion bring lifted continually.. remembering its not about the actual situation, rule, drama.. its about how we react or respond.. We can have felt angry, emotional and a deep release this past 2 days specifically Friday as the Saturn and Jupiter … Continue reading Rise & Shine.. 🙂

Seek the magic..

There is much to be thankful for.. its just that we have to 'actively participate' to align and seek the everyday magic.. When we raise our vibration with whatever soothes our soul, shifts our reality, sets our positive intention or brings focus to the 'now'.. to this present moment.. then our awareness alters.. we choose … Continue reading Seek the magic..

October Energy Update – Video

October Energy Update: Raising our vibration and then FULLY participating in the COLLECTIVE journey (many are not).. This is a whole new level for us to navigate and we are in 'the wave' now.. which will of course have to crash down as the foundations were not strong and built on Fear and Ego.. now … Continue reading October Energy Update – Video