Rise & Shine.. :-)

ALL IS WELL.. as we continue to see the ‘old paradigm’ show itself through illusion bring lifted continually.. remembering its not about the actual situation, rule, drama.. its about how we react or respond..

We can have felt angry, emotional and a deep release this past 2 days specifically Friday as the Saturn and Jupiter alignments really started to be felt.. a clearing of ALL old energy, often ancient or long ago built up resentment, conditioning or view of circumstances.. it also brings a deeper happiness of knowing we are free falling now into a lighter energy (around us in the physical world it can ‘appear’ heavy but actually it always has been we are just seeing it fully for what it is, what we as man have created (in a system), that we have been living by and we see clearly that it is no longer working for us and dictatorship globally has be born of ‘the peoples’ trust.

Power has surpassed its boundaries on many levels this past decade and its ‘time’ to take power back as empowerment of each other, through kindness to each other, unity not segregation.. no matter what arises be conscious of our interactions, but also have boundries as these are essential for growth and not accepting negative, fear based behaviours from those around you as well as who Influence.. dont support it! Align to compassion, inner knowing andbtrust yourself!

Its about taking back our power.. feeling empowered to create an amazing unity of a life that is aligned to compassion, love and hugs! (Communication is coming in a different form and of higher frequency, so developing yourself through meditation and focus for the 3rd eye and pineal gland are essential, as is being able to help others do this also).

We need to feed our souls even more at this time.. nurture, meditate, quieten a busy mind, seek within to what your heart tells you and listen! Take action on what or how you feel because it will not be wrong.

The more we don’t speak up actively participate, the further away we can feel and be from our truth, walking our talk, lifting our best life.. now for most of us we have done this qork, but to do it collectively is what the ‘task in hand is about.

My channellings and soul sessions at the beginning of the year within the Awakened Inner Circle represented this (as always delivered ahead of ‘time’ and now we are seeing it more fully). That the individual awakening has been a process – for a deeper journey, more conscious and to conscious do it more rapidly see the High Dimension Awaken and Healing Programme, and that now we are doing the same journey but as a collective.

The same process is unfolding, to me its clear vision and I share it with those that resonate.. we are just living it and it’s always reassuring to see before it unfolds, and more importantly for what it is!

This is when we are again reminded that old vibration and our individual awakening was done mostly on solitude, on our own and just talking into like minded souls, this is new vibration and we are meant to do it together!

Join the Awakened Inner Circle – LIVE Session

  • the next one is New Years Eve 10am (this will be an extra live to gather together and bring clarity, supportive energy and a conclusion to 2020 and an awareness of all that is unfolding 2021 & brief overview specifically 2023 to 2025.

Join the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme – for a deeper journey within, having space held and step up to being able to more authentically navigate the journey and feel ready to hold space for others more profoundly.

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Happy Sunday and rest deeply even if your busy – this is possible! High Dimension Meditation is about BEING!?????