BE the change.. BE brave & embrace the change.

We have been on our own individual awakening, for some its been consciously and others not so muc, but all is well.?

Yet we are ALL awakening.. becoming conscious, unravelling everything we ‘knew’ were ‘told’, seeing through our conditioning and we are creating change naturally through this process we are raising our vibration.

Each soul that does this forms a part of the collective shift of consciousness and the illusions in which we live drop away and are seen more clearly..

WE as a collective start to make different choices and are motivated from a soul level and align to compassion, kindness and unconditional love.. there is no room for the fear based narrative, materialism does not satisfy our souls AT ALL.. we are conscious of the earth, and want to nurture it and ourselves, rather than just take. We balance our giving and receiving, step out of fear into freewill.

The more this is happening now (and it’s rapid), the less that the world is motivated by power or money, the incentive and rat race has fallen away and we are left with freedom and peace.

At this moment, for those that haven’t yet done this on an individual basis, are having to get to know this feeling of freedom and letting go of linear ‘time’.. at first it can be tricky because strongly we have been so conditioned through intense work ethic, having no time for self, that we dont know what to do with the freedom and, or knowing that we can, and are meant to have a ‘job’ that follows our passion (which also naturally raises our own and the collective vibration). We make a difference in this world.. each and every one of us.. there is then NO competition or resistance.. just alignment, nurturing and creation of a New Vibrational World..

It is HERE!

For those that have known this its okay to relax into celebration of trusting your intuition, those that don’t yet resonate, you will still ‘feel’ it, the change and yet you are just learning how to believe this can be possible!

Namaste everyone, we are all taking this journey of transformation from the caterpillar into the butterfly, the darkness in between is where we cannot see the beauty that is emerging and once we do we embrace it. We find and can see clearly our wings and we FLY!

I have used this interpretation for many years in my teachings. Through holding space and spiritual development courses.. I explain the process of transformation that occurs when I work with you.. it is at SOUL level..YOU do the inner work.

I hold space.. you do the inner work, you find your wings and then fly!

Namaste everyone, to ALL souls.. BE LOVE and embrace the transformation – this is a time to delve deep within, invest in yourself do some learning, enhance your freedom and step up into who you really are when living a life of freedom, one that you know, also means your participation makes a difference in this world.

Don’t try and hold on to who you were, neither ourselves or the world is same as ‘ANY’ previous moment and this is a good thing.. we must answer our calling to create and BE the change we want to see in the world.

Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation