Solstice & Grand Conjunction.. embrace the shift into BEING.

Wishing everyone a happy solstice & Grand Conjunction – Aquarian energy! Poignant energy for the raise in vibration of this transformational year 2020.??

Due to the alignments of Saturn & Jupiter, normally aligned in earth signs but for the first time in 200 years also in air (aquarius). This is a significant day and one that is bringing through our awareness of how we now go forward for the good of humanity and how to do so in compassion and unconditionally love.

The ego is dropping away & taking fear with it!

The old systems as we have known for some time would be starting to fall in 2020 (a truly tower moment), formed because the foundations we build on were not secure in goodness, and so they and EVERY system we use to navigate life must be recreated to align to this new vibration and be for the highest greatest good.

I have spoken about this for many years within my High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme where we can and will now create, from whole different space. We must also be conscious that we cannot create from our ‘old’ vibrational awareness as what we are creating is something far more simplistic yet profound, a world where we can BE and honour the earth, what nature gives us. We will naturally collectively do what we can to support Gaia and how we receive our food, energy and resources.. this can be & will be FREE!

Our alignment into KNOWING who we are in terms of spiritual BEINGS living a human existance becomes a natural awareness for everyone, and therefore our actions and participation collectively changes and its rapid.

We let go now of linear time even more and we shift how we communicate as energy, as well as what our souls seek. We embrace technology as this IS what Aquarius is about, it will be far more advanced than what we can imagine and it can and will be used for the highest good.

We no longer will have to trade our souls for time and money.. this is what the awakening journey as individuals has shown us, there is a different way for everyone and we ascend through wanting whats best for each of us as if it was for ourselves.

Self love is the tool to awaken and to honour oursleves as sacred beings, to feel empowered to participate in BEING the change and then just into BEING!

We are now able to more fully (as we started this is 2012), able to free fall into the flow of the universal energy, to allow ourselves to fulfill our calling, to follow our passion and to rise up and shine even brighter for doing so.?

There is a level of excitement within us all for all that is & a very high chance of seeing the alignment from 5pm for approx 1 hour. I will then start my Numerology & Solstice Workshop – Aquarian Age – High Dimension Meditation® at 6pm tonight for 1.5 hours – this was channelled timings and of course totally aligned to the minute! A reminder again to trust what we are given.????

The key to all of this is to ‘be open minded’ on ALL levels and to maybe also allow things that you wouldn’t normally expect or do.

A fully guided soul session and meditation is also available now for replay 24/7 within the High Dimension Portal for the Awakened Inner Circle group and our next live is in a fortnight on New Years Eve at 10am. (Also divinely given in alignment). Join the group if you want to work more closely with me and those consciously ‘doing’ the soul work to keep aligned through rapid change.

This is why we are here.. there is far more to our existance than even those whom are deemed to be ‘awakened’ can vision.. for everything changes in every moment and that is the essence and magnificent of the universe and all that we are.


Namaste everyone,
Tracee Cullen – Spiritual Teacher & Mentor – High Dimension Meditation