Give more than you take..

This is something I have spoken about a lot over the past 3 or 4 years specifically and yesterday in the Awakened Inner Circle. We are all wanting to gather together but for each soul it is detemind by awareness as to what the intention is.

The ascension we are ALL experiencing is part of the global transformation and unraveling of everything we know, the illusions are more obvious and the more we can ALIGN through deep inner work we can ‘SEE’ more clearly.. have ‘insight’, an internal vision.

It is for those of us with this ‘insight’ to help lead and forge through the path not yet taken to ease the way for those whom are still deepening their inner work or working through the resistance to do so.

WE want a world of reciprocity and mutal gain, abundance and all within the higher frequency and for a lot of us we have lived this way for a long time, because it is an awareness and an alignment that has to take place to adjust energetically to step into BEING, rather than a physical placement.

However we also have to shift ourselves physically into actively participating in the collective movement to align and create the new world we do want. This CANNOT be done by any individual soul, fully until the mental and emotional releases and undoing of conditioning have occurred first.

So as we seek the urgency within to regenerate the way we live physically, it is for those whom have the awareness of the bigger picture a clear vision.. to lead this path, it will naturally over time form unity and then the journey begins to ‘oneness’ !! This is the real purpose of raising vibration and ascension, beyond what many can imagine at the moment but it can be ‘felt’.

..and so we must all step up to create it.

For some it is still just the interaction with likeminded people that soothes the soul, whether for development or social this is a space I have held for 18 years and so, I see clearly still how this initiates change and inevitably over time assists to the create the new world.

For many others it is the understanding of not being seperate from earth, honouring our natural resources, creating methods and skill sharing, pulling together our knowledge and willing to share it freely with others. This requires a synergy though with those whom are ALIGNED, so that it flows in an higher frequency.

This is the purpose of the AWAKENED souls network a New Vibration to help support souls to create these pockets of aligned energy, resources and to network together. So much energy has been spent this past year and beyond giving time, space and knowledge to inspire people, to lead the way in different locations and areas, supporting souls to start this movement forward.

In doing so much healing and awareness has been tranformed, many lessons learnt and for those aligned we remain in a shared and mutal supportive energetic space to work together as – ‘one’, we have the courage to come out of solitude, segregation and step up to create.

As we go forward now in this next couple of weeks we will reenergise the purpose and network for those whom are really wanting to and feel the calling within as well as the awareness and alignment to form together globally.

My/Our energy has to be focused now on the unity and mutal energy to co create together, (fully), because we all have the capacity to shine together so bright that nothing else can touch us. Not just as individuals, or small pockets of people but by forming unity, which is also non segregation, non exclusivity and certaining not taking more that you are giving!

As the saying goes we can’t help everyone but can focus our energy and together help each other form this inspired by channelled vision creation of the world we do want.?

We will resume again soon and will start with a gathering of souls.. to share the vision and an opportunity for people to bring their intentions, voice and energy. LIVE in person in Devon and ONLINE initially for anyone else at this stage.

Together we have got this!

Tracee Cullen Spiritual Teacher & Mentor : CHI Mind, Body & Spirit Academy

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