Sharing | Renewel | My Journey | & Now..

Sharing | Renewel | My Journey | & Now.. – video below.

Renewal and transformation is never ‘easy’ and it can take us through so much..

There was a moment I wasnt sure if I was done..? its never easy for any of us and even less so when in the public eye.. so withdrawal was essential for me.. it makes being back even more authentic though!

You may have noticed this past few years I have removed myself from ALL the events I used to appear at for exhibiting or speaking, I took a break from delivering Retreats last year, and I stopped delivering my physical monthly meditation classes and REIKI shares a couple of years ago.. this was a concious decision and well thought through.. as well as taking the decision to stop offering Reiki courses that I have dedicated so much time to the past 10 years.

From these decisions some of which were agonising at the time as to how to still ‘be available’ and continue my path but also allow my renewal that was taking place deeply into this place of feeling that was also uncomfortable and breaking me within, it was from this I was also experience FREEDOM.. being able to bring spirituality and technology together (something I had been talking about since 2013) about not having physical demands of excess travel and to be able to adjust to the frequency that is now.. this was to again to become even more of a pure channel.

I spent much of this time in my spiritual home India.. which was a healing experience for me on so many levels.. it also wasnt a relaxed ‘time out’.. the universe piled lesson after lesson and then threw some more!

It’s not about sharing the content of these lessons as everyone’s ‘story’ is different the lessons are the same..

Each level of our awakening is about being concious.. it’s about solitude and its about detachment.. and I believe I have now had the highest level of detachment which I felt coming for some time.. it was a process to observe it coming doesn’t make it any easier.. nor does trying to remain the ‘spiritual being’ rather than ‘human being’.. but of course both are necessary.

I have navigated and ‘seen’ it unravel and been within in all.. I have had also the highest level of self doubt and fear and I have applied the highest level of trust & freewill..

The journey is never easy.. but it is one we must travel.. there have been times in my life I have experienced what I would say is my core Awakeneing.. 2011 and 2013 being major times, as was following my passion in 2004 and teaching full time in 2008.. but what we consider to be of awakened conciousness so early on.. doesn’t mean we are done.. far from it.. we must know that when we think we have such awareness to navigate anything with inner peace.. and possibly not have anything else major to disrupt that.. the universe will of course bring you more.. because the more we evolve the bigger the lesson!

It has to be this way and despite me teaching this for so long.. not to be complacent.. know that there is more.. it still has the capability to create a space of such unrecognisable transisition.. the result is a purer soul, which you dont think is possible because you know your authentic..

My journey is shared here for you today to give you strength to continue in the face of adversity.. to allow yourself to be this amazing shining light and to also allow yourself to be the work in progress.

I chose to withdraw to a degree and it is important that you do too when you need to.. reach out and have space held so that it can be a positive experience.. and maybe rest for a while in assisting others.

2020 energy is one that I have stepped into with such renewed positivity and more focused, I have been working with the energy and alignments and delivering guidance on this next stage for us all until 2025 for much of 2019 and now we must live it..

Take all the opportunities the universe has given each of us and this major ascension that is to create and ‘live a new way’ for the expansion and freedom we all seek.

My focus for now is to share my teachings and hold space for transformation at the deepest level for those that are ready.. through my Healing, Meditation and Awaken & Healing Programme for EXPANSIOn and FREEDOM.

I also look forward to spending time with those that resonate for deep replenishment and relaxation at soul level if you want to join me on either of my 2 Spiritual Retreats that I will be delivering this year.

? May 2020 – 3 nights held in North Devon.

  • Residential & Non residential options.

? September 2020 in the Greek Islands.

  • maximum 15 places – Dates to be confirmed this week.

My light is shining bright and it feels better for the experiences given, a reminder that we are all so fragile yet so strong.. a knowing that there are many more extreme highs and deep lows to experience and that whilst we keep feeling into this at every level we can unite collectively..

From my soul to yours.. shine your light.. Namaste,

@Tracee Cullen – High Dimension Teacher & Mentor.