Collaboration.. for Gaia..

Happy Earth Day everyone..

It is now more than ever needed for us all to raise vibration and move forward together and raise vibration in UNITY..

For some this will be hard to break the ‘old’ habits of doing everything alone..

Join together and work together in Unity. . Look at the many collaborations around us.. people sharing their knowledge and passing it on.. this in turn raises vibration and empowers others to do the same..

Unite with the earth and global peace.. join groups that are also setting the same intention.. embrace your feminine energy whether you are male or female..

Let go of materialism. . After all none of it is really important and when the Earth moves and shifts and takes it all away we are left with us.. so embrace your souls journey and ‘be’ the energy..

The many ‘famous’ souls that have chosen to leave, have all shared their work.. written for the benefit of others.. worked together and taught us a lot.. if we choose to listen we can grow..

Let go of ‘fear’.. media.. control.. seek within what you know to be true..

We are in a year 4.. creating our Foundation.. Strength and UNITY.

Tracee Cullen