Sadly due to current restrictions this North Devon retreat has been cancelled.
The Greek Retreat (September 2020) has also been cancelled.

Replenish & Soul Transformation ‘BEING YOU’ Retreat
– UK Retreat for 2020.. Deeply nurturing leading to EXPANSION.
EARLYBIRD Booking Link – Book Devon Retreat May 2020

Tracee Cullen – Intuitive | Channel | Healer
Soul Transformation Teacher & Mentor – Delivering spiritual Retreats since 2011.

When a retreat is ‘born’.. it has come from a special ‘sacred incubation’ within to what feels right to deliver in the current energies and who is called to gather are in alignment to receive a calling for the specific soul growth.

For this next phase (2020) of energy which has been a guiding light for a long time I feel drawn to deliver my next retreats as ‘Replenish & Transformation by Being YOU Retreat’
– Deeply nurturing leading to expansion.

This I feel MUST be done by us all.. to align FULLY into all that we have become.. after releasing for so long all that we are not!

We have worked so intently on ourselves, been spiritually ‘busy’ – Awakening, shifting our perceptions, unravelling and becoming.. it has been profound and essential and now the soul needs to relax into this to receive the natural expansion to evolve.. to do so with Peace, Truth & Alignment.

The sacred space that is to be held for these retreats (UK & Greece) is for soul replenishment and to also seek the ‘fun’ element in the physical that we often forget.. this can be by exploration of a shared experience, nature, surroundings, culture, like minded souls – feeling empowered & knowing you are UNIQUE.

Always though the essence is laughter.. soul ‘stuff’ that creates a safe space to feel deeply and ‘BE’.

Always for these very special retreats, I feel deeply and they are created with LOVE & UNITY.

Whilst we can do this work anywhere because everything is ‘ within’ all my retreat venues & locations are all chosen for the energetic portals that offer such a special vibration to step out & retreat so that you can BE within on a deep level.. with exploration of amazing surroundings.

Soul work takes place on each retreat, with each participant responsible for their own journey. All guided intuitively to reach each & everyone one of you wherever you currently are on your journey.. all on an individual basis with integrity.

Soul Transformation Sessions| Meditation | Replenishnent | Sound Journey | Contemplative Walking |Gentle Movement & Stretches| Yoga Nidra | Numerology | Spiritual Healing

Availability & Price:

Retreat Inclusive of Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th & Monday 18th May 2020

Residential – There are limited places on a FULL BOARD basis.
Includes 3 nights Dinner, Bed, Breakfast & Lunch – Vegetarian Food served.

N.B. All Vegertarian.
Breakfast – Continental provided – normally pastries, yogurt, cereal, juice. Tea and coffee.

Lunch – is provided – normally sandwiches, wraps, salads or soup.

There is a communal kitchen area with fridge for you to bring any additional snacks or special dietary requirements if you would like to.

Dinner – Will be a communal gathering whereby we each prepare the evening meal and eat together experiencing Karma Yoga (service).

There is a beautiful space to do this in and lounge area. Jacket Potatoes, Salad & Pasta as a basis will be provided and you can bring anything or a plate of offering if you would like to add to the evening meal for a shared gathering (but not essential).

We are collectively to hold this space and will involve washing our own plate. (I have done this in India and found it to be a positive experience and grounding for the group).

Check in: Saturday 16th May AM
Check out: Tuesday 19th May 2020 AM

Shared Room – £345
Early Bird – £295 – Booking Link – Book Devon Retreat May 2020

Single Occupancy (Just a few rooms) £427.50 – Book Single Room

Non residential – The option to attend daily without accommodation. Bring your own Lunch. Sessions begin at 10am so you would be expected to join the group at 09.45am.

Daily attendance: 10am – 5pm

Normal Price: £165
Earlybird: £145 – Book EARLYBIRD Non Residential

I look forward to connecting with you soon & delivering this beautiful High Dimension retreat – raising vibration within the New Energy.

All are welcome that feel guided to do so.. but you must be in space to want to do the soul work that initiates change, healing & meeting yourself in a place of alignment for natural expansion.

This is not just a ‘holiday’ so you must also be able to take responsibility for your own life journey and all that healing brings.

To meet me the facilitator in this ‘space’ allows great shifts for the better.. this journey of life is not easy but the sacred space created on these retreats allows deep reflection and an opportunity to meet yourself fully.. maybe for the first time!

I also welcome back those that have previously attended a retreat with me and are choosing to return and continue your journey of deep soul work and replenishment.

Every retreat is different.. in terms of energy, collective energy & vibration which in turn means we adapt & work with the energies as they are at that given moment.. very special.? Bringing as these specific retreats do.. many shared memories..?

Previous retreats over the past 10 years have been created and delivered within the UK – Wales, Devon & Glastonbury and overseas – Greek Islands, India & Sri Lanka.

Pictures – Previous Retreats in the UK – Glastonbury, Wales & North Devon.

Venue & Accommodation:
This beautiful venue has been chosen for this very special retreat set within the Taw Valley, an exclusive Manor house and 32 acres of woodlands to explore.

The estate has had a manor house since the 13th century and is steeped in history and energetically the chosen space for me to deliver the ever popular ‘Being You’ Retreat..

A venue with fantastic space and an energetic presence for growth, reflection and replenishment – supported by the carefully channelled retreat created in Love and Unity to achieve that deep sense of replenishment.

All newly refurbished rooms, set within the manor house grounds offers a comfortable stay with plenty of space to be with others or to have some time out when needed.

With 32 acres of woodlands to explore this is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.

There are 2 ways to arrive at the venue depending on which direction you are travelling. Please find below the full address and also postcode for sat nav.

Address & Directions – Tawstock Court – Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3HY.

Travel & Car Parking:
You will need to make your own way to the retreat and on arrival the car park is sign posted for easy access. You will be able to unload at your room before parking for ease.

If you are requiring transport then Barnstaple is just a couple of miles away which also has a train station which is very close to the road leading to the retreat & would require a taxi as it is a few miles away.

Taxi: Others have quoted hiring a taxi from Barnstaple 6 seater – £8 /£20
N.B. This is given to be approx and as helpful information/guidance only. (you will need to check yourself) direct with taxi company.

Deposit – Required to secure booking. (Earlybird to be paid in full).
Balance Due – 12 weeks before Retreat start date – 22nd February 2020.

If you have additional questions – Please contact me directly via email

Previous UK Retreats: Glastonbury, Wales, North Devon..
Previous Overseas Retreats: Greek Islands, India/Goa, Sri Lanka.