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Ascend Level – High Dimension Awakened Healing Programme

This is the final weekend of the High Dimension® Awakened Healing Programme.
– 3 days

We begin a weekend of self inquiry, delving within, shared space and the completion of channelling authentically through the previous layers of surrendering labels and linear constraints in the first 2 levels achieved in the foundation and Awaken courses, so now we can focus in allowing conscious awareness to naturally aligning to BEING.
Its always so inspiring seeing souls go through this as the final level ‘Ascend course’ within the High Dimension®? Awakened Healing Programme, because it’s empowering and each soul leaves the transformational process, having spent 3 weekends together working within the online sacred space, dipping in to share and support but working mostly at their own pace over 3 months, now gathering together again with a new level of ignited passion to go forward.
Everyone is prepared and focused on themselves as they know they had to be, to already have released more layers, trauma through experience and the depths of ‘growing/ascension’ pains caused over the years that have been ingrained at soul level.  To have acknowledgment of our energy it has taken as an Awakened soul to arrive at this point to even begin the course, which takes us through the transformation of BEING, as new vibration energy (in all that we do, create & to keep resonance).
The difficult path we have already travelled using our voice, detachment and working on ourselves knowing and resonating with the global changes and ‘seeing’ what many have not needs to be processed, out of the physical we have HAD to experience and needs to be a conscious internal process in order not to drag it all on for years.
This transformational process that the Ascend level holds space for, is for us to process everything to be able to align our physical reality to live at one aligned to our spiritual awareness and REMAIN in current energy.
This is the final level for this group, which is being completed from 2022, my next course however for this year begins on 21st April 2023, if you feel the calling to attend you can click direct to my website and view the course process and testimonials…/
In love and kindness, we create the world we DO want, by BEING it.
Tracee Cullen
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Mar 10 - 12 2023


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Tracee Cullen