Channelling in the ‘New Vibration’ – 2 hour Workshop – High Dimension® Intuitive Teachings
Channelling in the new vibration

Channelling in the ‘New Vibration’ – 2 hour Workshop

Channelling in the New Vibration – 2 hour Evening Workshop – experiential & liberating!
You can join the workshop here:

I look forward to working with you for this experiential & life changing workshop for both yourself and your clients.

This workshop has been a great facilitator for a shift to New Vibration awareness for many over the past few years & so I continue to deliver this practical and informative session.
Channelling in the ‘New Energy’ is a very simple technique as it is about ‘Being it’ and therefore becoming the channel not just tapping into it. Yet we can find it hard at first as we get in the way!
Often this is because we either have been used to a 3rd party i.e. guide or we don’t think we are able, or receiving as it feels it is you, or you feel lost which is the most used term as ‘it is gone’?
Some of you however have never had the above as you are straight into channelling now (in the new vibration so don’t know the difference) but need clarity of how to bring through what you are receiving, interpreting or delivering.
Channelling in the New Vibration ONLINE workshop is a experiential space to explore the transition to working in the New Energy.
– The current energy alignment
– What is the difference – Old/New
– How to & do – practical session
– High Dimension meditation as a tool
– Empowerment session
– Discussion to evolve
You will be sent a link prior to the event to join the LIVE tuition workshop.
Any device is accessible – phone, ipad, tablet, computer or laptop etc.
To attend you need to link to the workshop 10 mins before to be in the energy, ready and calm.
Ensure that you are present without distraction and wont be interrupted as this would affect the whole group.
You can join from anywhere.. just make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.
All levels of experience welcome.

Prerequisite to attend this workshop:
There is no specific requirement to join this experiential workshop, only that you have reached a knowing of the New Vibration and desire to be open to consciously shift fully and surrender to BEING.
N.B. People of all experiences have joined this workshop,  some are new to ‘receiving’ channelled messages and some have 25/35 years of experience, incredible readers, intuitives and teachers, and so realise that the frequency has changed.  It can be hard to open up, reach out when we have learnt and worked in a certain way for so long, but as I did previously, you will feel aligned, ‘like coming home’ and supported collectively when you do!

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Jun 15 2024


4:00 am - 4:00 am

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