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Conscious Course Creation

Conscious Course Creation | DIGITAL Business – 6 week course & Mentoring

Ready to commit to YOU and your path to share your knowledge, to ‘CREATE YOUR OWN ONLINE COURSE or GROUP MEMBERSHIP?
– Let’s build it together!
– Professional Teaching Tools | Extensive Shared Knowledge | Support to BUILD your own!
Create your own online course | group membership within organised, sacred, private space..
– this 6 week course gives you hands on practical help, as well as professional and experienced mentoring through the step by step process on the ‘how to create’ your own course, learn valuable digital teaching tools and methods to create engaging content, learn up to date teaching tools, connect the ‘tech’, organise content and manage student access, and create community to support them – all of this without the overwhelm, with guidance literally from your IDEA to PUBLISHED.

What experience will be shared with you?
We will build it together and I will share with you all that you need to know in this process..

Having personally dedicated my linear time the past 8 years creating and delivering successfully 22 ONLINE workshops, memberships & courses, with different levels of accessibility, including creating new teachings as well as transferring my previous in-person physical teaching’s to ONLINE.
From SIGNATURE courses to LIVE GROUP teachings this experience along with having built from scratch (with my valued tech team) the High Dimension® Portal – Teaching Academy & Conscious Community , this means that you will be gaining from this knowledge that will be shared with you, along with my experience specifically teaching both personal and spiritual development within holistic, spiritual & wellbeing for 20 years, teacher training with previous expert knowledge through management and directing company’s through, start up, IT (tech), recruitment, team building & training.
About the course..
This 6 week course will include the following list as well as weekly mentoring which you can choose after booking your place, if you prefer either 1 to 1 for 30mins a week or 1 hour as a group.
Taking action to bring vision and ideas into reality
– How to bring your idea of a course or group membership out of your mind and create it into an online course.

Course & lesson planning
– knowledge into lessons, topics, creating dynamic content in varied ways for engagement, how to deliver and record, host & present your teachings.

BE business savvy & deliver your transformational message..
– pricing / exchange, naming your course, digital marketing & advertising.
The ‘tech’..
– Understand & learn all the moving parts, landing pages, email, automation, course building, payment processing,
& the ‘tech done for you’ option!
Course pace, access & support..
Work at your own pace – the course content and lessons are given to you in an organised step by step, weekly process within the private and sacred space of the High Dimension®? Portal,  the ‘content is released each week to be accessible for you to choose when to work on it throughout each week, ready for the LIVE mentoring.
Helping you through each weeks content, to build out your course or group membership practical hands on teachings, support and Q & A. (Optional but recommended).
Group option – each Wednesday evening (UK) will be LIVE GROUP mentoring session
1 to 1 option – this is arranged directly, after you have booked your place.
Intention of the course..
My goal and intention is to support you and have YOU create your energetic offering and get it out into the digital world, in a professional and organised way that supports you to run a digital business, and in the process, gain a life of freedom, from linear time, hours and money, as I have.
Initially this was a natural process for me, as I was working in India and UK, sometimes Greece and other countries, so I wanted to maintain connection and still be able to deliver my teachings, healing and meditation groups, transformational courses and offerings no matter where I was or where my clients / students were located and that whatever timezone we were all on, it didn’t matter!
..that was in 2017 it took me a year to build out my 1st offerings and get my head around the tech (which continually changes).. this was all before 2020 happened! ..when the whole world also jumped on the online wheel, but after ‘all that’ the ‘zoom calls’ etc which was great for then, to keep everyone connected and businesses afloat, now there is the need and call to make the content more deliverable, organised, professional and a dam site easier to manage!


Questions answered..

Can I have my course LIVE within 6 weeks?
This is entirely up to you!  The support, know how, resources and help is given, but you WILL have to create space, prioritise and focus throughout, because this course gives you 6 weeks of a tried and tested, with results, format, so yes, if you are committed to create your OWN ONLINE course or group membership, which does take hard work and commitment, to show up for yourself, but doing so, whilst you are supported with the ‘know how’.. is your best opportunity to go from idea to published, through taking action and levelling up.. and it is entirely possible!
– not only that.. once you have done it you have the same process that you can revisit time and again to keep creating and adding to your offerings, with different options available to you to choose what to create, next time as well.

Freedom of working online..
This is a lifestyle change where you are able to deliver meaningful courses and groups within a sacred place and create more freedom for yourself of time and money, where you do all this work but you do it ONCE!

BUT.. you can still (if you do it the right way), create in person contact and personal experiences for those that want to work with you.

Join here..
This course includes:
– 6 weeks
– 6 week mentoring (group or 1to1)
– 1 year access (revisit and create other courses)

– to include the expansion of 3 months support this will be an additional fee that you can request if you want it.

Building your own online group / membership / course / workshop alongside me, is also for the collective energy and to raise vibration.
I work in this format over 6 weeks, the same way in which I have been helping many people create their own businesses for many years, to follow your passion, and this is the next levelling up, to take SOME or ALL of your offerings ONLINE for freedom across time and space, removing location obstacles for yourself and those who want to work with you, yet keeping the sacred space and the in person connection whenever you want to (privately).

This is a year 8 and ABUNDANCE in life is meant for all, especially now its linear time for conscious souls to receive balance, so if your ready to build online, so that in 6 weeks you are ready to go live ONLINE in a professional and organised way to promote your offering of a course, group, workshop or membership and build your conscious community, then this 1st in take is for those ready to surrender and trust that we are uniting GOOD tech with spirituality to reach each other in a positive way!

Taking the ‘Conscious Course Creation – create your own online course or group membership’will help you through the whole process, to learn from scratch and all the ‘tech parts’ showing you how to, as well as planning, lessons, recording, pricing, naming and all that comes with an online business…/Create-your-own-ONLINE…
you can then go and choose many of the options to host your courses or choose the ‘done for you option of the High Dimension Portal.
The tech ‘done for you option’..
You don’t have to take this option, you will be shown how to ‘bring together’ the tech and ‘do it yourself’ from scratch whether you have your own website or if you don’t have one.. but you still will need a course builder to host your course, and so the recommended ‘tech done for you’ option that I suggest, is of course what I use and have done for 7 years, the High Dimension® Portal because it is up to date technology, first and foremost has the most powerful teaching tools (and you are not restricted no matter what level you join at), you gain access to all this to be able to deliver professional courses, workshops and group memberships, (I personally believe to be authentic that you should never be held back based on tier options, as in my opinion the goal is to create and deliver the best you can for your students learning and gain results for completion of your courses).   So for this reason our ‘tiers’ exist simply on GROWTH and EXPANSION helping you to gain ability to scale and do more with larger space as you need it).

This took place on 25th January 2024, an auspicious day for me.

Remember.. I am passionate about this, as I have also given a ‘rebirth’ to the High Dimension®? Portal which was where I create, host and teach online, so that it is now open for facilitators and creators to join with your teachings! 
So there is this option if you choose it to have the ‘done for you tech’, but there are many ways to launch your online courses and I will show you all that you need to know!

The big news, as mentioned above, is also that if you would like to host your offerings within the High Dimension® Portal, create your own private space you can now, and so you are being warmly invited to request details here to do just that, I have taken additional steps to help those starting out as well as those with experience ready to scale their business.

If you already know how to build your course online, then you don’t need to do the course, just go straight ahead into the High Dimension® Portal to add your content.
Feel free to direct message with any questions.
See you on the inside!
Tracee Cullen
High Dimension® Intuitive Teachings & Conscious Community
– Creating conscious online spaces & transformational courses
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Jun 17 2024


10:00 am - 10:00 am

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