High Dimension® Finding YOU, EQUINOX Retreat – Cornwall | ‘Meet yourself there’! – High Dimension® Intuitive Teachings
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High Dimension® Finding YOU, EQUINOX Retreat – Cornwall | ‘Meet yourself there’!

Levelling up | Finding the next version of YOU | Create, BE inspired & expansion Cornwall 3 or 7 nights
Aligning a deeper resonance with yourself, your intuition & finding your inner compass!


‘Meet yourself there’ – High Dimension Retreat for Equinox & Astrological New Year
– Cornwall Retreat March 2024

Calling for facilitators – to recalibrate, nourish, heal, replenish, have an experienced and safe space to; find you, your direction, clarity to level up, be inspired, a creative space and energy for exploring options and what flows from within, when in this encouraging new vibrational safe space to just BE.

A unique opportunity for you, staying with like minded high vibrational souls, in beautiful peaceful and private surroundings on the beach in Cornwall, held at this auspicious time of Equinox, to explore deep within, the levelling up that your soul is calling you to now..

Embracing the astrological new year, you will feel naturally ready in this current energy and important year 8 in numerology to bring balance, strength to your energy, to honour who you are as ENERGY, deepen your healing, initiate expansion, levelling up to the next version of you, feeling deep rest and inspired to create, FIND YOU in this current new vibration energy, and seek what that means for you on a unique level and as a collective.
Raise your vibration some more.. aligned to conscious awareness of global transformation.
You will for sure, feel confident and relaxed to just BE, who you are, I will encourage you to meet yourself there, through mentoring and support help you, to achieve what feels right, welcome change and this is experienced sacred space, removes the overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism!

– with Tracee Cullen.

Ready to join me in person for a week in Cornwall – on the beach?

A sacred space for sharing, supporting and expansion,  levelling up, to the next version of YOU. SPACE to just BE.. creative, heal, deep SOUL rest, be inspired, raise your vibration & gain clarity of your direction.

Supported through High Dimension Meditation®, Intuitive Teachings, Spiritual & Business Mentoring – aligned to New Vibration Energy & Conscious Awareness.

To retreat is to take linear time for you..
BEing in a different environment, to create a daily change in what you normally do.  Often it is an inner ‘CALLING’ from your SOUL, asking you to CHOOSE you for the moment, to BE STILL, have SPACE and BE HELD in an energetic SAFE SPACE, to JUST BE.

You will be supported here on this retreat, your in safe hands within an experienced SPACE, that is subtle yet tangible in how you FEEL, the space that is held for you, facilitates and creates a natural transformational process, a healing always takes place & the meditation is a much welcomed, quietening of the MIND and easily accessible for any level.  The MEDITATION is will deepen your practice and support you to leave BEing shifted to support and trust yourself in a much better way, with tolls to continue with and feel empowered.

To truly step away in a like minded vibration.. it is only then, that you are able to truly ‘hear’ yourself again, FEEL into who you are NOW, who you are emerging to BE.  he mentoring is given on many levels, supporting you fully.

You especially KNOW this, when you return to your life as you KNEW it, you will, for sure, feel empowered and refreshed with clarity of what the next part of your onward path requires and how to achieve it.

MORE IMPORTANTLY – what you want that to ‘look like’.

Pricing – 7 nights from £550
3 nights from £395 (available ONLY if the full week has not been fully booked).
Details – Full board | All meals included
Includes ALL Retreat Sessions & Meditation with Tracee Cullen
& any additional activities such as the stone circle visit.

See you there!
Tracee Cullen.

The event is finished.


Mar 15 - 22 2024


10:00 am - 10:00 am


Cornwall - East Coast Private House


Tracee Cullen