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Facilitators Holding Space Training

‘Insight session’ learn & implement – Facilitators Holding Space

Facilitators Holding Space Movement

A supported community and inspiration for creating or deepening the space you hold, aligned to new vibration.   New Vibration Movement for Leaders of the New Earth.

Join here if you are not already a member – https://traceecullen.com/facilitators-holding-space-membership/

Each month facilitators gather together LIVE for an ‘INSIGHT SESSION’ to learn and implement – taking actionable steps to hold deeper spaces, gain inspiration and create change and advancement for progress.

Here we will take a deeper insight to raised topics to take action, learn & implement also explore experiential processes to help bring clarity and achieve results required or suggested.


Taking ACTION is the aim of this community..  an abundance of support, learning, mentoring to coach you step by step through the ‘stuck’ areas that keep you from leveling up,  resources and support in how to hold a deeper space,  keep current and aligned to new vibration teachings.  Once you join you will gain access to the community and LIVE sessions and support to deliver your TRUE passion, do what you want to do!

Facilitators Holding Space Movement:
We also have monthly sessions to ‘encourage & support’ each other in a safe and accountable way.

This is a space to gather to bring forward any topics that you want to discuss, share your experiences and highlight any topics that you would benefit from in a deeper ‘insight session’.  An opportunity to create shared and supportive experiences that everyone benefits from.  A valuable pool of knowledge and support as well as nourishing connection with each other.

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Jun 25 2024


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Tracee Cullen
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