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Intuitive Tarot Professional Course

Intuitive Tarot 8 Week Course | Professional Accredited

Intuitive Tarot 8 week  professional course
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– Includes 3 levels for the full course
I – Introduction,  II – Deeper Readings & III – Professional Tarot
Accredited Internationally & Certification given on completion.  Insurable Course.

The pathway to learn intuitively..
I – Introduction- Weeks 1 & 2 – Introduction to Tarot & 3 card readings
II – Deeper Readings – Weeks 3& 4 – Deepen your knowledge, exploring intuition & layouts
III – Professional Tarot – Weeks 5,6,7 & 8 – Professional Tarot Level
Gain experience reading intuitively, aspects of holding space for others, learn in-depth knowledge to support your intuition including colour & numerology, exploring energy and feeling into a deeper message.   Mentoring to set up as a professional Tarot Reader – business guidance.

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Course Format..
– Held as an evening class ONLINE in the High Dimension® Portal sacred and private space.
– 2 hours per week in person teachings | Tuesdays 6pm – 8pm (GMT)
– Self paced practical work given, to gain experience in between live sessions

About the course..

This professional Tarot course will enable you to develop and read intuitively in your own unique way, letting go of fear and giving more depth and understanding with your readings, allowing you to develop yourself and your confidence to give professional readings using the ‘tarot as a tool’.

Full Course details – all current dates are within the booking link;
Start with:
  Tarot Level I –  weeks 1 & 2
This level will allow you to develop your intuition and to use the Tarot as a ‘Tool’ for readings.   An introduction to the Tarot and ‘letting Go’ of ‘learning cards’!!Also incorporating cleansing of cards, preparation & card layouts.

Continue weeks on 3 & 4:  Tarot Level II

This level works on a deeper level & is a vital part in your continued development to be reading intuitively. Increasing your intuition, knowledge and development working with Tarot cards. You will develop your readings with more depth and understanding… whilst raising your vibration, intuition and self development.

Continue weeks 5, 6, 7 & 8: Professional Tarot – 6pm
You will develop further with confidence and read with more depth and understanding of how to also hold space for your clients, incorporating setting up as a professional tarot reader with pricing, promotion and advertising.

You will also be learning and integrating Numerology and Colour into your readings and raising your vibration to deliver Intuitive Tarot sessions Professionally.

– This course is also a very good development basis for those of you that want to develop your intuition and psychic ability to give readings intuitively with or without the tarot.

Prerequisite to attend this course:
There is no previous requirement to attend this course, it is suitable for all levels, this course has been taught since 2011 and has ALWAYS welcomed both total beginners and those who are experienced readers, who either haven’t developed intuitively or confidently and just need to ‘recalibrate’, maybe need to shift into new vibration, want to become a clear channel or even revisit the ‘space’ to learn and deepen your own knowledge or spiritual development that naturally occurs through this process for themselves.

N.B. All levels are required and part of the same course, only defined by ‘levels’ to show you the progression of the learning journey you will take.  So all must be attended, regardless of your previous experience, because the whole course (Tarot I, II & Professional Tarot), is a flow to read intuitively.  Learning and growth from each level brings you to the point of readiness to go deep and channel more fluidly.

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Jun 11 2024


10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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