High Dimensional Awaken & Healing Programme ~
Transformational Finding You.. Empowerment for Self & Unity.

This ‘Programme’ is of New vibration and will assist a complete transformational process of oneself.. it is with a difference as ultimately the vibration is asking us to change, heal & awaken ourselves… and how do we do this… for us to take responsibility for our own healing… rather than just continually reading about it or becoming reliant on a practitioner to do it for us! (Which they cannot, they can assist in your journey of course, but ultimately it is only ourselves that can make the change)..

‘The hardest journey you will make in this lifetime is the journey within to meet yourself’.. and only you can do it!

Levels of this Professional Programme

(Each part of this programme is completion in itself and you can do the workshop without commitment to the Level I & continue each level if & when you choose to, they do however have to be taken in sequence as we are working with vibrational awareness).

Introduction 1 Day Workshop ~ Raising Vibration.. Working in the new energies
Level 1 – Self Transformation ~ Foundation – 3 days / Awaken – 3 days / Ascend – 3 days
Level 2 – Teacher ~ Core – 3 days / Vocation – 3 days / Deliver – 3 days
Teacher Gatherings ~ continued development for teachers in the UK & Retreat levels for self development.

** (Optional) Yearly Gathering of Souls within UK & Retreats as continued development

The Programme & Retreats…

Introduction 1 Day Workshop –
Raising Vibration.. Working in the new energies £80* ~ this is FREE if level I is booked.
Various dates & Venues throughout the UK

This is the introduction workshop to the HDA&HP programme and will assist your spiritual being to realign with your physical body.. to resonate with the Awakening shifts that are effecting us all.   We will explore the various Dimensions, the ‘old’ & ‘new’ energy, the awakening process, magnetic shifts, vibrational changes, the timeline, and how this affects us all as individuals, awakened souls, or as practitioners, healers & teachers.

(You can do this workshop without having to continue with the Level I course ~ suitable for everyone).

Level 1 ~ Self Transformation discount of £695**

(Includes 1 Day workshop & all 3 courses – Full price if taken individually £800).

Foundation – 3 Day Course £240
Awaken – 3 day Course £240
Ascend – 3 Day Course £240

(You can do the foundation without continuing, as this is for everyone).

Each level will allow you to develop at your own pace it doesn’t matter where you are on ‘your soul journey’ as you will receive what you need as an individual, incorporating what resonates with you as an individual, with channelled sessions.  You will also at each level explore your chakra system, haras, meridians & aura.  Healing is present throughout this programme to assist your awakening energies and can be achieved in many ways through development of the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Foundation ~ you will already have completed the Introduction workshop so therefore your awareness will already have ‘shifted’ enough, to now develop your foundation at soul level ~ Working initially with 9 Chakras & the Golden Vibration this short energetic process will also help many that find it hard to accept initially in the new energy to simply ‘be it’…This is not a choice to choose a different way of working… it is essential as the old way simply does not work now and it is much harder for those to accept who have been spiritually ‘Awake’ for many years. The foundation level will initially open you up to explore ways in which to ‘Raise Vibration’ & to also focus on your ‘existence as a spiritual being’ in a human body & ‘Being it’.

For some this will be an introduction to yourself at soul level, clearing any residue that is holding you back or you feel is restricting you so that you can truly emerge, which can assist with why you are here & your soul purpose.  We will also be raising vibration by exploring ~ relationship with materialism, money, detachment, internal/external, yourself & others as energy, realigning your physical body.  Healing with free will, embracing emancipation!

Awaken you will have raised vibration  enough to allow yourself the growth required as you will now recognise ‘who you are’ ~ and now able to resonate with the heart centre & your ‘voice’ to speak your truth and simply ‘be it’.

Acceptance of your self for who you are, exploring self confidence, trust & resonating with the balance of divine feminine & masculine energies, the core of life purpose, universal shifts that are continually evolving, bringing a sense of understanding to ‘love’ at the higher vibrational level – self, collectively & embracing unity – the divine purpose of being. Looking at polarity & the magnetic shift that has tipped the balance now for us all.

Ascend ~ dimensional shifts beyond what we know, leaving the physical for spiritual work, vibrational changes universally, dimensional & magnetic shifts,  ‘remembering to knowing’, trust, channelling, expansion, acceptance, development of spiritual awareness to what ‘being really is’, spiritual enlightenment for empowerment of self & others, ‘time’, intuition & beyond.

Many techniques assist this programme and channelled guidance means we will always work in the ‘now’.. the shifts universally are rapid and so is this work.

There is much to be done.. but it is the ‘undoing’ that achieves this progress.

Level 2 ~ Teacher £995 (For all 3 courses)**

Core ~ Becoming the Teacher ~ 3 Day Course £395
Vocation ~ How to Deliver the HDA&HP ~ 3 Day Course £395
Deliver ~ Delivering the HDA&HP ~ 3 Day Course £395

Core ~ Becoming the Teacher ~ This programme is about empowering others, as a teacher you will 1st develop your skills of ‘How to become’ the teacher whilst delivering a transformational life changing programme.  You will explore various tools & techniques, look at understanding different learning abilities, lesson plans & how to interact and teach so that students can ‘feel’ & ‘evolve’ whilst experiencing & learning at soul level, it must be felt,  we therefore must learn how to teach with channelling rather than ‘talking at’ students.

Vocation ~ How to Deliver the HDA&HP ~ This part of the teaching development course will be to explore the full Level I part of the programme, this time to look at how to deliver the content of the course.  Step by step guidance will be given to ensure that you feel you know what you are delivering & why! You will have already experienced this as a student so you will know how it feels to receive and what you achieved from the teachings.

Deliver ~Delivering the HDA&HP ~ This will give the opportunity of delivering the course in the format in which it needs to be received and at this stage full support, guidance & continued learning can take place.

On completion of the teacher level you will be able to deliver the HDA&HP level I in 3 parts as above.  It is essential that although the course content has to be taught and covered as written, that you also bring your energy to your teaching, different students will be drawn to different teachers for this reason.

Continued Development for Teachers ~ There will be yearly gatherings for teachers to connect and channelled continued teachings will be given as we evolve as the vibration raises.  This will of course bring updates to HDA&HP as we progress through the Awakening!

Certification ~ this course is currently going through the process of recognition of which you will receive a certificate for each level.

High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme overview click here..

* Workshop is £80 booked alone or FREE if booked with ~ 3 courses within Level I
** for all 3 courses when booked together with deposit.


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