Welcome to the monthly Online Reiki Share Group..
Live sessions – Community Chat, Q&A Forum – Recorded replays – Access 24/7 – £6.50 per month.

Held the last Wednesday of each Month. Membership is for 4 Months – then option to continue. Link to join – Book here – Reiki Share 4 Month Membership

This group has been delivered now for 7 years and is a very special energetic sacred space that is inclusive of everyone.. we always reach deeply into our own replenishment as healers and also for the highest good and collective consciousness!

Due to the varied locations of those that are Reiki trained whether you have trainned with me or not this online group enables us to connect and support each other wherever you are throughout the UK. Each session is created in Love and Unity to assist in continued development  with a monthly group LIVE session with myself,  there is also an opportunity for Q&A and to share collective experiences. The price remains at £6.50 per month.

This is a good progression for everyone as each month we meet, we move beyond delivering Reiki in a structured format.. keeping up with the New Vibration.. changes within our healing energies and methods as we awaken yet honouring the tradition of Reiki as originally Taught by Mikao Usui.

As always we have space within each session for sharing experiences, questions and answers and general guidance for everyone as there is no ‘label’ on your level of certification or experience.. we are each unique souls and come together in these sessions as collective energy.

Delivering these sessions now through the ‘High Dimension Training portal’ will also provide a space for you as a community to communicate and chat with each other whenever you feel drawn to rather than having to wait for the next Reiki Share – this is a service provided as part of your Group Membership and only available/viewed by your group only.

Each ‘LIVE’ session will be held as normal – monthly on the last Wednesday of each month at 5.30pm – 7pm where I will be delivering the channelled session and available for guidance. These will also be recorded and then placed within the portal for you view at any time that suits you.

I will also be adding sections to this group as we progress with an option for you to access more specific guidance if you are a Practitioner or Teacher that will be relevant in working with clients or students of your own.

This Group is available for anyone that has any level of Reiki Certification, Level I – Self Development, Level II – Practitioner or Level III – Master/Teacher.

This Group is inclusive and available to all Reiki Healers wherever you are in the World whether you have trained with me or not. (You will need to give proof of certification when joining).

I look forward to connecting with you inside the Portal soon… Book Reiki Share £26

Tracee. x