Meditation Teacher Training – Online 7 Day Immersive Course

Being able to take this course has been personally so empowering and life-changing. I knew sometime back that working with Tracee on my journey would be amazing and I wasn’t wrong. The teachings are so thorough and authentic, presented in such a beautiful way to understand and follow, and, more than anything, given with genuine love, and true knowledge.
The journey through this course really resonated at a very deep level, and working through it day by day supported me while I made changes in my life without “thinking” which have continued on since the course ended. Knowing that I can now step out and support others while they make changes they need, while at the same time living honestly as the person I should be, is truly massively empowering and liberating.
When asked for a word to describe how I feel at the end of the course, I said “home” .. and that’s exactly where this course has brought me .. home to my true self.
This course is not just following a “how-to textbook”, it’s not just a course to go out and teach others, it’s a soul journey for self-discovery.
Heartfelt thank you, Tracee, I am so blessed and deeply grateful to have had this opportunity, and excited for the path it has opened up ahead of me. xxx

How did you find doing then course online?

It was great doing this online, fitted in with my life perfectly and enabled me to do this course whereas in person would have been more of a challenge.
Using the portal at times to suit was a real bonus, the zoom classes worked well and the recordings will be handy to revisit.
In general, I feel this course has been set up online in a such a usable way and definitely worked well.

Vicci C | Essex | May 2022