100 Hours Meditation Course – ONLINE – May 2020

This online course has really helped me understand much more deeply about meditation techniques, the history of meditation, and to grow in confidence to be able to teach others. Also my knowledge to why mudras are used, why and how pranayama is introduced, how the three doshas are a mixture of The 5 Elements, and an introduction to the 5 main Vayus has giving me such and understanding of why, what, how and where and it is quite mind blowing how everything is connected. Life just makes a lot more sense, my relationships make more sense and why each and every one of us is different.
It will be fun starting to observe others and start to think what Dosha is their dominant one, where they are breathing from in their bodies, and I have so much more awareness to everything and everyone around me. I have much more awareness to myself, and understanding why I want to choose the best soul decisions in life. It truly was a life changing course each day everything is making more sense! – Suzanne C – Cornwall

Suzanne C