Somewhere, Something incredible..

FB_IMG_1487407847822.jpgBe still.. explore your vivid dreams, ‘thoughts’, feelings.. ideas.. for what you are seeking.. is seeking you!

Somewhere , something incredible is waiting to be known.. don’t try to control or steer anything.. go within.. seek peace within.. so that it can be shown..

At this moment so many ideas will be coming to you.. this is a time for accepting all possibilities & ‘sitting’ with it all for the moment.. feeling everything.. then as it all evolves what is meant will stay.. what isn’t will go..

Not every idea will be put into action, some come in to open you up again or even more than you are at this moment in time.. to something even bigger than the idea or dream!

This is a good time to continue processing lots of new ideas.. planning & looking at how to deliver.. start preparing.. laying foundations.. shifting to allow this all in..

Embrace that this time now is for being open to receiving knowledge..

The time for putting into action is coming but NOT right now it’s about laying the foundations.. shifting to accommodate the new beginings..

Then as life ‘unravels’.. you will know in your heart what is ‘meant to be’…

You have more opportunity for ideas to come in when you are peaceful.. than when you are ‘anxious’… so take time to process all these ideas.. let them settle.. resonate.. so that you can go forward when the time is right..

At the end of March you will start to put everything into action.. & by then you will feel more confident if you have used this time to process & prepare..

The universe is calling all lightworkers to now ‘step up’ & deliver.. all with love, support & guidance.. all that is required of you at this moment is stillness to listen.. & prepare..

Much love as always.