Heart Language!

‘Follow your Heart’…  how many times do you hear this or tell others?  Many I am sure.. but how often do we actually do this.. without question..?

There are many situations and times that you can ‘hear’ your heart.. and literally with all your ‘heart’ you want to do something.. but then something else pops in…

Fear and your ‘ego’.. that thing that makes you feel like you ‘can’t’.. we are conditioned to believe this!

Blimey.. how simple it sounds.. but to ‘see’ what is stopping us..

Well this is very simply a ‘distraction’.. you will get ‘busy’ will others things.. make excuses.. like the time isn’t right, I don’t have the money, or I don’t have the time..

Actually none of which is true!

If we truly listen to our hearts we will know instantly with such knowing what it is we want.. whether this be a lifestyle, job, relationship anything that resonates..

It is then the ‘battle’ of quieten your mind enough to still hear your heart so that you can follow through.. when we get lost or too busy then we feel detached again.. normally as we ‘think’ (hmm the mind again)! That we don’t deserve it or that our priorities aren’t right or we will upset someone else if we do this.. again all the ‘mind’..

Here is the thing that we know really but kid ourselves not too..

When we are happy, following our passion, feeling inspired.. i.e. following our heart.. we our shining brightly..! we then also inspire others & we feel fullfilled..

This is energy..? the vibration & frequency that we resonate with effects us all.. both ourselves and others!

Also know that “if something is for you.. it won’t go by you”!

The Heart is persistent and will keep bringing the same feeling back to you until you finally listen.. for it knows best and has all the wisdom and “your best interests at heart”! (funny that.. all sayings come from some truth)..?

So.. just for today.. follow your heart?