The other side of Fear..

?Still applies.. always will..

Let go of ‘fear’ you know within you what feels right and its not what others expect of you..!

To live a full and authentic life we must each look to raise our own vibration.. and that means not staying where we feel comfortable.. to avoid growth and to evolve..

Growth happens on the other side of fear and requires us to change.. many times.. That’s why we are here!

We are not meant to just live a comfortable material life just to survive.. our soul seeks and knows more..

We do meet many on our path of life some for a season, a reason or a lifetime.. that love or hate us, support or abandon, disrespect or respect, encourage or hinder, some bring us light or some feed fear in us.. all our perception though as we need each of these to grow.

Some meet us with honesty some meet us without or simply bring distrust.. but each teach us to evolve by either loving us or hurting us.. it is written.?

So the other side of fear is the UNIQUE you.. go meet yourself today.. fully!

Love everyone for their part in your life.. but make sure you live it for yourself not others.. then you are a complete being that will naturally attract other like minded unique souls into your life.. you soul will feel more peaceful.. you can relax and ‘be it’..

This journey of life is meant to make you feel uncomfortable when it is time to ‘move on’, shift, evolve or reach out to expand your conciousness, physical world & acknowledge yourself as a spiritual being.

Much love as always,
Tracee Cullen