Spiritual ‘Tool’s.. Self Development.

FB_IMG_1502354358414The thing to remember about raising vibration.. we at first seek ‘tools’ to assist us which can be anything from crystals, cards, sound, affirmations, visualisation.. even meditation..

The journey is long and will include seeking holistic / alternative therapies & ways of living, psychic readings or becoming the practitioner to gain awareness through experience through all of this you emerge some more.

Then there comes a point of letting go of the tools to simply recognise you are ‘it’.. this starts very simply with maybe reading without cards.. healing without tools, starting to channel in the moment.

The expansion continues when you will even question why we use crystals etc.. why they are not used from the earths grid.. again all ‘tools’..  Your awareness will start to work magnetically with the earth.. universe and beyond…

Then this is just the beginning!

As we collectively raise vibration our awareness shifts and we again let go.. shift in frequency.. accept what is and beyond without ‘human’ knowledge.. but knowing at an intuitive level what is the way.. folloeing the unknown.. until everyone catches up..

But remember you can only accept this at the level of awaerness you are currently at.. and this changes continuously and rapidly with trust.

Love the journey.. embrace all the changes.. go with the flow!


Tracee Cullen