Reiki Share.. Collective conciousness

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Reiki Share.. tonight 5.30pm – 7pm

So tonight is our last gathering of the year for Reiki Share. It has been an amazing year of group sessions with such profound development for all.

Each soul throughout has continud to raise vibration and resonate with the collective consciousness.. shifts in vibration and all that this brings as a Reiki Healer.

Truly evolving incorporating all that comes to enhance each souls journey of Self healing, and consciously developing to be able to grow and choosing to continue to hold space for others.

We have many healers within the group with such depth of experience over many years as well as welcoming many that have just begun their Reiki Journey.

This year at Chi – Mind, Body & Spirit many have attended each level of Reiki Training therefore expanding each group and bringing through new energy and collective healing.

So congratulations to all that I have taught and delivered Reiki Courses to this year;

? Those that have started the journey at level I as self healing.

? Several practitioners this year have chosen to advance to Reiki master themselves.

? & a few that have been Reiki Masters for a while have chosen this year to start to teach.

So such a lovely collective energy.. all sharing their experiences for collective development, meeting regularly yet each on their own journey of life.

So I look forward to seeing many of you tonight as we finish the year off collective healing.  For those unable to attend then tap in the group energy and be with us anyway!

Tracee Cullen High Dimensional Teacher/Mentor & Retreat Facilitator