Full Moon.. Total Eclipse & great opportunities!

The Earth, the Moon & the Sun are aligning for today’s Total lunar Eclipse.

This is a Super Moon & Blue Moon as well as being the 2nd Full Moon of the month. All of which hasnt happened for 152 years!

Today’s vibration with the full moon brings much positivity but of course also change.. that’s is what eclipses do!

This time is for YOU.. you must ride this energy as a great oppotunity to create and more importantly implement the changes you want to manifest in your OWN life..

If you remain focused on the past or focused on other people then in a few months you will regret not taking the time now to focus on creating the next phase of your journey. Of course the changes you make also will impact those around you also in some way.

For now much can be achieved and a total replenishment of how you choose to live can be embraced including a sense of freedom.. following your passion.. pretty much whatever you ‘Dream’ to achieve can be yours, the only restriction you have right now is yourself.

But remember you can only do this for yourself.. others must also choose to take this oppotunity we can not wish it or do it for them!

We are currently in a Master numerology year ’11’ with a vibration of ‘2’ to continue what we started, strengthen everything and do so in unity, shared success. With the added amazing Full Moon total eclipse.. well anything can be acheived.. you must simply believe in miracles!

Namaste everyone.. choose wisely and embrace this journey fully.. the time is now!?

Tracee Cullen