Working with me..

Welcome to Tracee – evolving as always.. Raising Vibration.. Working in the New energies delivering High Dimensional Workshops, Courses & Retreats.

If you have resonated and find yourself here reading this.. then you will certainly also be resonating with the ‘Awakening’ energies and aware on some level of the collective universal changes that are taking place on many levels.

My vocation is to assist souls to find their wings and fly.. delivering teaching and channelled sessions for empowerment of self and others.

To work with me you must be wanting to make changes within your Self, Life, Circumstances and to be seeking change on some level, as I will hold space, guide and mentor you at a profoundly deep soul level but the actual shifts and work must be done by you!

It will be a difficult thing to do but you will of wanted this change many times before finding yourself here.  For many years I have taught and been through the journey of people wanting to someone to ‘mend’ them, be given a magic solution.. but ultimately we have to each do this for ourselves or else will will continue to feel dis-empowered.

The aim of working with me is so that you can take the tools to implement yourself at anytime, do ‘it’ yourself.. so that you can finally trust yourself and listen to your own intuition within, to feel that self confidence that everyone thinks you have!

I work with ancient knowledge and New Vibration techniques to simply ‘Be’..
Everything you seek is within.. the problem is we manly seek externally for acceptance, solutions, guidance and to fully live our lives we must reach deep within and seek our Authentic Unique selves.. 

Each level of growth and awareness is actually not ‘receiving’ anything but releasing another layer of that which no longer serves us.. this is why it feels hard.. but the outcome as you emerge and find your wings is something quite unimaginable.. especially when we feel ‘lost’ or lacking in direction, or simply asking ourselves why are we here…

The journey of ‘Awakening’ is a long and continuous journey but the time is NOW .. the ‘New Vibration’ is knowing that you are not alone and to do this journey collectively with like minded souls is far more beneficial than struggling alone.

I look forward to connecting with you in whichever ways resonates with you.  Please see my current schedule of Courses, Workshops & Retreats, which is continually updated – Full Workshop, Course & Retreat Schedule

Feel free to contact me directly for a chat to see which Workshops, Courses or Retreats are the right ‘fit’ for what you are seeking.

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Namaste – ‘My Soul honours your Soul’
Tracee Cullen.