I have worked with hundreds of souls.. more than that but let’s not be pedantic.. & experience tells me that in whatever we do we have to have boundaries.. they can be placed with love.? They do not have to be harsh but also say you value YOU too!

When we don’t.. we just try to continually give & others will continually take..

We cannot be everything to everyone all of the time.. there are moments when each soul has to honour each exchange of time spent with each other & take responsibility for themselves.. but they may not want to & that’s when it is easier to blame life on you!

For me I give 100% to my teachings & those who choose to attend.. a significant shift can occur during these sessions so I make myself available for those seeking continued development, group connection or as an ear when needed.. however many years pass.. but my boundaries are I cannot physically contact everyone all of the time..?

Let’s all honour the moments we connect in this life with each other.. let’s recognise an exchange of energy.. and also the very apt…
“You meet people for either a season.. a reason or a liftime”.. & often not what you 1st thought!

This is definitely a massive & difficult learning for many as sensitive caring souls we always try to assist where we can.. often pushing ourselves to the limit & trying to accommodate everyone.. THEN.. we evolve..

As we evolve we realise that giving our best to others in any moment.. showing up.. being Authentic & dedicating our attention.. our skills to their situation.. is part of who we are..

How others react when they are done with what we offer is part of who they are.. there is a massive difference.. yet as sensitive souls we often try to own all feelings & we simply cannot define ourselves by others reactions.

Every soul experiences extreme emotions around this subject of boundaries.. as part of the AWAKENING process.. mainly before we have awakened enough to realise we are looking externally to seek approval from others.. not from within.

So for all those going through this right now.. maybe with friends, family, clients or your students.. do your best & have boundries!

Detachment is a massive part of our learning & Awakening.. Monks have been doing it for years..? it doesn’t mean you don’t care, infact it means you do.. it’s just that your awareness of each other’s energy is more balanced & coming from a place of love.

As always created in Love & Unity,
Namaste everyone.

Tracee Cullen.xx