High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle

High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle..  £10 per fortnight session..
– a group of like minded souls.. come & join us.. ‘Together we are so much more’!

Welcome.. you have reached a deep soul connection of like minded souls.. this is a group of souls that are ‘Awake’  that are seeking themselves.. knowing on a deeper level that there is more.. ‘you’ are more.. and that actually this journey can be difficult, lonely and yet feels so right!

Remaining at £10 per session..  but now also includes an online community, access to both live and recorded sessions.. for wherever you are in the world.. see you on the inside!

This group has been created with Love & Unity and also celebrates the divine feminine rising.. those with awareness seeking ‘your tribe’ uniting together with like minded souls and supporting each other.. As this group is of Awakened ‘New’ Vibration it therefore also recognises that this is within both Men & Women so the group is for all.. true Authentic Collective Consciousness – To join group.. Click links below..

High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle – 8 weeks Membership £40

High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle – 4 Months Membership £60

Your intuition needs celebrating.. your sensitivity that others struggle with so much.. are in fact your strengths..

‘You will feel unwelcome, numerous times, numerous occasions.  It is okay.  They will feel threatened by your light, the kind of love you ignite.  It is okay.  You are an earth angel, a game changer, soul communicator.  Keep shining beautiful heart.  It is your mission.  It is why you are here.’  Written by Ben O.

For those that feel ready to come together and celebrate this Awakening journey we find ourselves on.. however difficult it seems at times.. to know that we are many on some level.. ignites the soul.. the heart can feel it.. we are ‘home’..

The Group;

  • To join the group you can click the link – above.
  • Collective Consciousness – Like Minded Souls
  • You will be sent a password to access our High Dimension Portal (A few days before the next session).
  • You will have access to fortnightly live sessions
  • 24/7 access to recordings from previous sessions
  • Access to community chat within the High Dimension Portal for all group members for you to support and share with each other.
  • Membership includes access to the community for 2 weeks per booked session.
  • Sessions are booked in blocks of 4.

Be supported and following your inner calling..


Tracee Cullen has been facilitating High Dimension Groups since 2013.. for Awakening souls all resonating with the vibrational changes.  The fortnightly groups up until now have been held in North Devon for the past 5 years..

These groups have assisted many on their journey but been restrictive due to location only being accessible to those that live in North Devon.

So.. now this group is going online.. with technology and spirituality being the main 2 aspects of rapid progression this is simply embracing the changes.. and widening the circle to those who resonate from wherever you are in the world!

Who joins;

Previously High Dimension Talks, Groups, Workshops, Courses & Retreats have been attended by many.. initially Healers, Practitioners, Lightworkers, Teachers but over the years souls are awakening rapidly and of course from all walks of life.. there has been a huge increase those simply seeking awareness of the changes that have been experienced..

In the past few years there has been a massive increase also in participants from both caring and corporate backgrounds no longer able to ‘conform’ to society.. many souls from within the NHS from Nurses to Doctors.. there is also an increase of those that feel they ‘are new to this level of awareness’.. but of course.. old souls are choosing instantly to ‘wake up’ as the vibration is NOW!

The Awakening collective consciousness is without any of these ‘labels’ and so the High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle is for all souls that have reached a level of awareness that realise they are here to Raise Vibration in their own unique way.. and are choosing to come together.. feeling deep within a calling and resonating with this group energy.

I look forward to meeting and working collectively with you.. see you on the inside!

4 month Membership £60

8 week Membership £40