Awakening with.. SNOW! Earth.. Food & Water..

Awareness of the bigger picture..

So the ‘snow’ has brought many lessons and has assisted in raising vibration.. on many levels.

Firstly again in areas badly affected it has brought community spirit.. people coming together in unity.

Technology has given us advanced warning.. and ‘time’ to prepare.

The Media.. continues to bring fear.. a ‘negative’ story still unfortunately gets them better viewings.. but that’s ‘our’ fault for continuing to ‘buy’ into what they feed as comminication.

There are those that prepare and do what they can to stay home and be safe.. and there are others however that still choose to go out (when not needed), put people’s lives at risk in doing so.. and then blame everyone else!

Other than essential services.. why would anyone try it.. I have travelled through extensive snow in the Himalayas but they are used to it.. we are not and our system cannot cope.

At times like this is highlights how we ‘conform’ to society.. those that are so in FEAR of losing a job that they attempt to travel even when common sense says not to..! (Where has the ability of intuition gone)..

The realisation that we cannot sustain without supermarkets.. this was apparent a few years ago when roads cut off deliveries.. but again highlighted this week..

Everything stops.. most people are not self suffucient.. even for a week!?

Then there are restrictions when clear.. that stop deliveries of food after certain times.. gallons of milk gets drained away.. water cannot be sourced other than a supermarket shelf.. all of this is part of ‘Waking Up’ to see what the materlistic 3D world has created.. that we have most importantly lost our connection with Earth, Food & Water.

It should also wake us up to how very easy it is to crash into a 3rd world country.. yes.. it is possible.. (depends if we collectively wake up or keep resisting).

Then there is the light shining on homelessness.. how we as society have come to this.. and numbers are rising rapidly and will continue to do so as we are slowly but surely waking up to realise that ‘We Are One’.. and together our decisions can bring mass change.. one by one and the amazing universe continually gives us situations to release.. awaken & grow!

View everything.. See the bigger picture.. step out of fear.. and know that each one of us that chooses to make different intuitive choices makes a difference.


Tracee Cullen