When the student is ready.. Collective Consciousness.

Awaken everyone!

Just a reminder to seek Guidance.. Have a Teacher hold space for you & honour that.. So you can go within.. For there is everything!

Be grateful for.. When the student is ready the teacher appears.. and equally.. When the student is ready the Teacher disappears!

This is profound growth.. it’s also an illusion.. as the Teacher doesn’t physically disappear but your ‘need’ has shifted.. You will have found your wings and it’s time to fly..

Do so with Integretiy.. for the journey is full of exchanges of energy..

Honour and celebrate the next stage of your journey until again.. when you are ready the teacher will appear.. it can be the same one as you resonate and are ready for the next stage of development or it can be someone new sent for a different purpose..

As we are ALL continually raising our vibration.. everything continually flows as to what we have to offer.. and what we are able to recieve.

Enjoy the journey.. embrace those that teach also with Integretiy.. for the lessons are deep.. always for your highest good.. and so that you can go within and learn yourself.

It is not to be dependant on anyone in the New Vibration.. but to raise to become a collective consciousness..

The High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle is for the collective conciousness of like minded souls all resonating to continue the journey being supportive of each other.. recognising the journey is not to be done alone! – High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle

Ultimately.. if we are ‘Awakened’ then we are all working together for the same thing!

Namaste everyone,

Enjoy the journey!

Tracee Cullen.x