Reiki Share – ONLINE LIVE Group

Hi everyone..

Such a lovely gathering of souls continuing the Reiki journey.. Lovely to connect with you from India this month and to see how you are each answering your calling to progress with both technology, healing and to seek your next personal step.

Many of you are now feeling ready to take the next level with Reiki and some of you are feeling guided to teach at some point in the future.

Collective consciousness, Healing in the new energy – Supporting each other on the journey with both; Healing the Healer & Delivering Reiki in your own unique way.

This group energy allows space to grow and continue supporting each other when drawn to share experiences within a sacred High Dimension Portal – easy to access at any time.

Group Chat – Replay of Live sessions 24/7 & Live sessions delivered the last Wednesday of each month.

If you would like to join us – Click below..

Tracee Cullen