Shining to bright?

So many of you have been contacting me about being your authentic self and recognising that others (often spiritual souls also) cannot accept that you have no agenda!

This to is part of the Awakening and one that I have encountered on many levels.. you must realise that this is ‘their stuff’ not yours – still very much a 3 dimensional reaction.

You simply shine too brightly for them and it brings up much within others. So.. what should you do?

Do not dim your light for anyone.. simply continue to shine & even brighter!!

You can only continue to work on yourself as they must do also.. and to do so at the level you are at is to be authentic without agenda..

To be at one we must each truly act from within in a place of unity.. which must be with both words and actions.. for those that attempt to dim your light are doing so from a place of fear and judgement.

It would also be rare for them to directly speak with you to determin a level of frequency and of course you will not be ‘heard’ even if they did. They will often also seek others to agree to strengthen their actions.

Sometime people misinterpret situations/you that feel uncomfortable and of course this is ALWAYS where growth comes from.

You cannot however excruiciating it is for your soul of goodness, have another bring you into drama. You cannot also control how others see you.. remember the wise words..

‘Your opinion of me is no concern of mine’ – simply meaning everyone hears and feels based on their own journey which has many levels of fear and rejection.

At this level of awareness YOU have, it can I know be a struggle to understand so you withdraw.

Be a witness to all that is.. step back and do not dim your light by being drawn into conditioning that is neither justified or yours!

Know that everything always comes to ‘light’.. the truth will always be shown.. however long it takes.. so simply Be Love & SHINE.

As awakened souls we are here to challenge.. but with Love.. what people do with it is absolutely up to them.. you know that ‘we are one’ on a deeper level than they currently do but will in time realise your light is profound!

As Unity reaches new levels now and rapidly – so much more of this type of situation is occurring for many of you.. hang in there.. you will have to stand strong in the face of adversity and simple ‘Be it’.. at some point they will join YOU!

‘People can only meet you as far as their awareness will allow’


Tracee Cullen