High Dimension Meditation®

I have been meditating for many years and throughout this time used many techniques and developed meditation classes, sessions and retreats – Tracee Cullen.

It is important to realise that meditation has shifted enormously in alignment with vibration and therefore we must change our approach accordingly as many are now not finding it easy to meditate..

There are a few reasons for this.. and bearing in mind that I have taught meditation for at least 10 years.. the guided “walk down a path and view/see this and this” although relaxing is still external – this has been perfect for many years and in fact a huge part of my earlier meditation classes.

However as we are now shifting into new vibration we are raising our vibration and our development for those that are awakening means that we are finally able to go within instead of looking externally..  this means that we must simply ‘BE IT’..

The process is incredibly easy actually but yet our minds will battle to allow it to be so!  When I first started to channel through this type of mediation it was about 2013 before I actually ‘named it’..  my spiritual development classes changed form ‘circle’ and became High Dimension and my meditation sessions gradually shifted into what I call (as given) ‘High Dimension’ Meditation.. and therefore it was apparent very quickly that the difference was;

  • It does not have to be so long
  • We get taken so much quicker to a place within
  • We are not seeking externally we are ‘Being It’What would have taken me an hour to get people to a place was happening in 10/20 mins – (now I can assist people to ‘get there’ in a few minutes which is also a reflection of ‘time as an illusion’.

    We were always seeking to ‘go up’ – to ‘connect to’ – but in actual fact I remember the exact session when I took the group and it was a clear message to take them into being the light and expansion ‘here’ – I knew that this was profound and shared with the group High Dimension Awakened Inner Circle afterward when I had channelled the session – they were aware of what ‘I was saying about the concept’, yet finding it difficult to understand that it was possible but yet everyone in the group had just ‘done it’..  and most of them since have continued with High Dimension Meditation as part of the group and some have deepened their awareness and completed the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme which at that level after completion allows you to go into this yourself much easier, deeply.. and most importantly frequently!

    It is again about conditioning.. it is hard enough the first time you attempt to meditate and then when you finally get to a place of quietening your mind you are then conditioned to ‘go up’ & ‘connect’ to.. – NEW VIBRATION – is to know that we are energy. we are part of the universe, collective consciousness and therefore we must BE IT we cannot try to connect to that external from ourselves!!!

    There are many levels to understanding this and many times we will feel ‘we get it’.. trust me we have to continually work at it and then we can reach a place of knowing that we can ‘BE IT’ all the time – this is our ‘normal’ state.

Meditation is not meant to be something that we enjoy 1 hour a week if we are lucky or even 10 mins a day.. this is great progress initially but High Dimension Meditationis about bringing you back to know who you are.. to ‘BE coming it’ – whatever you believe in.. God, Energy, Universe what ever you call this vibration we are NOTseparate from ‘it’ therefore we must become it.

This takes time for many reasons;

  • we do not think we are worthy to be this (religion has kept us separate)
  • we may feel that we are energy or know but we are so conditioned within the 3Dimension world we seek outside of ourselves – continually
  • we are rarely in our natural state so we feel that our chaotic 3D state is natural
  • even when we practise meditation we feel that is is a moment of soltitude and ‘tap into’ it.
  • if it is suggested to be in this state at all times then the conditioning will laugh, tell you ‘that’s not life – how do you do everyday tasks and run around and be in a calm meditative state!!
  • it takes time and in most cases years (although the vibration is speeding up now so not so long for newbies!I have had to work incredibly hard to achieve this natural state and it is still something that I have to work on as we are living currently in a 3D world and although most awakened souls have removed themselves as much as possible we still have to interact and many are going through the awakened and ‘raw sate’ (High Dimension Awaken Healing Programme) as I call it.  So it is a conscious behaviour.

However it is fact that we are naturally this state and actually we don’t shift from this but our awareness does.. as soon as I spend a few minutes even with the most awakened soul ‘who has temporarily’ forgotten who they are then this can be achieved instantly.  But it always seems such a heard task to get us back to it.. in actual fact it takes a few seconds but our conditioning kicks in and we go back into old behaviour..

As soon as we can be in HD Meditation just for a few moments.. all is good again from within.. because.. we remember who we are!

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Namaste – Tracee.x