New Moon in Leo 11.8.2018

New moon in Leo.. 11.8.2018.

An end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

There are so many possibilities now and you can start new plans for the future.

You will be questioning your old habits and behaviors and see clearly your conditioning/learnt behaviour from others but WILL want to make progress and find your own way!

A good time to make a fresh start between now and 26th August Full moon.

Relax into what you want in life.. it is a super new moon and intense due to Leo.

This specific energy will mean you will feel like you have one last chance to get in touch with your heart and what makes you happy.

Starting with self love and accepting yourself for who you are.. your ‘raw state’.. authentic self and you can be bold and brave to be your unique you (already progress to know that this is waht you are).

Because of all the eclispe influence you will find a new path and be ready to explore and take it!

With so many planets in retrograde you will also feel ready to heal the past and look forward to the future.

Look at what is in your life that you want to grow and develop.. now is the time to put your energy into this and focus on your own path.

Everyone is going to be effected by this.. just different degrees depending on your star sign, vibration, awareness etc..

For those that don’t like change its time to embrace it and do so!

Much love as always,
Tracee Cullen.