The Lightworker Journey..

The journey has been long for many of us but as we embrace the New Vibration it is not so for everyone..  I have worked as a Mentor with light workers  teaching through Spiritual Development but also through main stream certification as required by the ‘vibration of society’ at the time, for many years.  Which has brought me also growth as well as enormous lessons and heartache.. all part of the journey!

Now we are evolving more rapidly.. even though for some it doesn’t feel that way right now as the journey is hard.. and as the only way we grow is through challenge.. it means that a lot of difficult times have been ‘given’ for us to learn, grow and evolve and it can be tiresome for us all.. as we go through many layers and will continue to do so..

The thing is no one is ahead of anyone we are all ‘ONE Energy’ but we each need each other to grow and the reason we find our selves amongst those that do not understand us (even though they have been close friends or family members for many years) is that we wouldn’t evolve if we were all just floating in oblivion!

My journey has been tricky as yours will have been and really the details are not needed here as although we have all endured much the lessons are the same..  so that we can rise and walk home together..

We have just come through the most auspicious time of breaking and becoming and now we emerge feeling ready for the next step of raising vibration.. we feel the ‘calling’ and we know that we are different too.. we have opened up a new layer of authenticity.. we have released another layer of fear..

–  ‘as we ascend we don’t achieve anything we let go of what no longer serves us..  and during this can bring amazing creation and highs and plummeting lows and isolation’. whilst the process happens and it can be daily for a period of time.. for those that attend the High Dimension Awaken & Healing Programme then awareness of this is profound..

There are many layers to this..  My intuition and experiences have always been prominent but I also remember being in awe of having a reading all those years ago, and to one day find myself attending a spiritual fayre of light workers – (although most with ego then not intentionally but just because the vibration was heavier, and little had been done on the solar plexus of these souls to release their fears)..  to later working at the fayres throughout the UK and delivering talks to over hundred people at a time..

I am now observing many of my previous students taking this journey which is inspiring and seeing the ripple effect is also refreshing..

It is essential to always remember our journey.. but for spiritual teachers today.. it is essential to know that this is NOT the path now for everyone!

It was ours to awaken to do the work on ourselves to shift into new vibration, if we were able to release the fear enough to do so.. and those that have are assisting other light workers now into their roles.

I have seen before me souls that have been totally closed off simply Awaken and ‘get it’.. mainly in group teachings.  These are a wave of souls that have been waiting for the vibration to be at this frequency to participate!

Interestingly these souls have shown much ego in their teachers not able to accept this ‘instant’ awakening.. and to still hold the notion that everyone has to endure the ‘long’ journey.. (not true and should be celebrated) after all this why we are here to awaken everyone by being the light and walking our talk.. how other perceive you is there learning..!!

So many circle leaders and readers of 25 + years have attended my groups over the years to understand and let go of this.. they have realised that what they teach has to change (it was a big thing for me getting a divine message in not to do my circles as I had – meaning that all I had learnt wasn’t to be delivered!) So in 2013 my ‘circle’ changed to High Dimension® and it attracted awakened souls transitioning to New Vibration ALL light workers.  It is essential for us all to continue to SHINE.. many ‘newly awakened’ souls can attend experienced groups but not resonate now as they are still in ‘old’ vibration..

I remember attracting those that had not ever looked into crystals and angel cards initially 15 years ago to then attracting those ready to become light workers – teaching from 2008 many became therapists, healers and then teachers themselves..  In 2011 (which just happens to be the awakening code) I started to teach in more locations and evolved Internationally to India.  Why am I sharing this.. because you can maybe reflect on your own journey..  See the path and know how everything is unfolding!

A deeper layer of Awakening in 2012 for me had me exhibiting at some significant events and teaching,  attracting many Reiki masters that were all saying the same thing… ‘it is gone’, feeling lost and wanting to give up.. this caused something in me to step up again and created safe spaces for healers, teachers to re calibrate and shift into the new energy.   So many of you are doing this now.. and searching other like minded souls.

To understand the vibration then is maybe hard now but during that time.. if you were a Reiki Master – you were meant to know everything!  you didn’t attend other groups or seek other teachers so much.. it was an incredible lonely space with much ego.. although there is still this within every aspect including the spiritual circles it has to be to shift us.. the point being it was an avalanche of awareness of collective unity.. of ‘getting it’ that we are not in competition..!  This is new Vibration.

Now that we are firmly here within the new vibration.. there are more avalanches everyday!  There is also much talk of collaboration with other souls to work together and be ‘light’ whilst some are amazing, most are still done in ‘old vibration’ continuing the ego to learn from each other.. If this is you wanting to work with others then just check in with yourself to check.. it can only be of New Vibration when we have no judgement of ego outcome for the experience.. when our only aim is to Raise Vibration.. to support each other..  Most ‘divine feminine’ movements are also restrictive although empowering it is ‘exclusive’.. these too will change.  Now the thing is.. not everyone however ‘spiritual’ will get this YET..

Those of us teaching and have been in this way for sometime will be challenging to others and cause so much reflection that it will be hard for others to see that there is no agenda.. there is only the task at hand.. to raise vibration.. this is truly a vocation and not separation form how you live.

This has become my calling and it has been hard for many to understand as it is not ego but a calling to assist other light workers and teachers into  new vibration.. nothing has gone but how we ‘work’ has shifted totally and those that resist will struggle or exit.

We are ALL potentially light workers.. that’s the aim.. a ‘New Earth’ but right now the term is ‘for those that are actively participating and making their work their vocation.. following their passion’. High Dimension Calling.. Follow your Passion online course.

To work with souls that are purely open to empower themselves and each other without any restrictions.. to free fall in ‘unconditional love’ and ‘oneness’ is an amazing thing…  and 5th vibration.. my take on this.. ‘it is only the beginning’!

Created in Love & Unity,
Much Love as always.

Tracee Cullen
Free Spirit – Being the change I want to see in the world.