The Awakening Journey

The Awakening..
Each soul on this journey has their own hardships.. they are the divine lessons of growth.. and each journey is different.. UNIQUE!

Remeber that.. we are each unique and our vibrations are our story of life..

As a child we are conditioned dependant on our individual circumstances and location.. (thays it and would be different in other circumstances) we spend most of our lives early on trying to ‘fit in’.. trying to shed are uniqueness.. it is only when we seek within which can happen at any age that we start to embrace our true soul and purpose.. we are all here to raise vibration and the process is immense.

We literally are all here to rub each other with emotions and triggers to enhance growth which will come in the form of rejection.. hurt and pain.. which is ultimately FEAR. We also meet those that enhance us and allow us to shine but souls often arent capable of this until they know themselves..

Infact we spent much of our time looking at external issues, peoples lives or behaviours.

The only way we can truely grow is when we realise that we have to look inside.. seek within and we initially do not know how to do this due to our conditioning.. but is OUR responsibility to do so.. it is why we are here.

Society in the 3rd dimension is very much divide and rule so we feel disempowered to confirm and be in contionous cycle of serving ‘institution’s’ of power beyond our control.

The ONLY way we can make a change is to change ourselves.. observe ourselves and our reactions until we do enough work to change that behaviour to responding.. only then can we assist others on this journey!

Others will ‘feel’ it with you as you have lived it too.. they will feel your energy and the presense you give off but again only when their ready to look at themselves becuse before they are ready then they will still be in judegmnet of you and others.

So the cycle is continuous and even when you have done enough work to raise your vibration beyond 3rd dimension.. this is when the work begins.. when you start to move into a deep knowing of why you are here and that materialism is non existant in the importance of the journey other than basic survival needs that are essential.

This is truely the journey of awakening and there are many aspects to it and many layers.. everytime you think you have ‘arrived’ there is more!

The difference being.. YOU know that it is a collective journey together not an individual one and therfore you seek unity.. but only with those that too know this.. that have rubbed sleep from their 3rd eye!

So shine everyone and if you want to make a difference in this world it is to work ALWAYS on yourself.. none of us are perfect.. we are simply walking each other home.

For those wanting slassistance on this journey and feel that they have acheived already at least part of this process then the next High Dimension Awaken and Healing programme dates will be announced soon.– can be taken in UK or Online.

A journey for those wanting to take this path conciously and to actively participate in the awakening process rather than dragging it out over years!